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Let's use technology to reduce junction dangers

January 19th 2017 / AndrewR / Links: Road Safety

With good visibility hard to come by during the winter months, drivers need to be extra vigilant on the roads, especially around junctions where interaction with other vehicles is at its highest.Next time you drive home in the dark, take a conscious look at how much more difficult it is to see what is happening on approaching a junction, and on how users are guided through them.

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How better parking guidance can lead to an improved retail experience for your customers in 2017

January 12th 2017 / Shona / Links: Parking

If you are one of the many retailers, or car park operators, responsible for shopping areas you will no doubt be taking a deep breath before planning ahead for the next peak trading period. Perhaps one of the issues that you would like to address is how you can ease the parking pain for customers and employees, and minimise congestion in and around your site? If so, then Clearview Intelligence can help to find a solution to suit you, your shoppers, and your workforce.

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A Year in Review: All Change for Clearview Intelligence in 2016

January 5th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: News / Commentary News

2016 has been a transformative year for Clearview Intelligence in many ways. We started the year as Clearview Traffic Group; a name that encompassed the sub brands Astucia and Golden River. We successfully rebranded to Clearview Intelligence in April. The new brand reflects our position in the Intelligent Transport Systems Sector and a new maxim "making journeys work" which we feel more accurately reflects the shared vision that we all should have for our transport infrastructure.

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The Top 10 road safety, traffic data collection and smart city blogs of 2016

December 29th 2016 / HeidiM / Links: News

As we are about to move into 2017, we have reviewed the most popular and most talked about Clearview road safety, traffic data collection and smart city blog posts from 2016 – and we thought we’d share the results with our blog readers.

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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Clearview Intelligence

December 22nd 2016 / AndrewR / Links: News / Commentary

As 2016 draws to a close, may we take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. In a year of many seismic changes to the world we live in, 2016 has seen the inexorable rise of the autonomous vehicle, a focus on smart highways from the Government and continued concern over the level of investment in safety of the UK’s roads.

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Providing journey time information around roadworks; are we there yet?

December 15th 2016 / MichelleC-H / Links: Congestion Journey Predictability

Transport Focus, the transport watchdog, recently released ‘Incidents and roadworks, A road user perspective’. This report collates feedback from road users to deliver recommendations to Highways England and concludes that more emphasis should be placed on the needs of road users.

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Keeping the Strategic Highways Network Running Smoothly

December 8th 2016 / Shona / Links: News / Commentary

The introduction of the Infrastructure Act 2015, coupled with the creation of Highways England, changed the way that the English Strategic Road Network (SRN) is managed and run, with the aim of providing road users with the best possible quality of service, whilst supporting broader economic, environmental and safety objectives.

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The UK’s most improved and dangerous roads report

December 1st 2016 / HeidiM / Links: Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

The Road Safety Foundation (RSF) have just released the latest list of Britain's most dangerous road, in a report named ‘Making Road Travel as Safe as Rail and Air. The road that, according to statistics, is considered the most dangerous, is the A285 between Chichester and Petworth, linking the A27 with the A272.

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Changing driver behaviour: Improving road safety

November 24th 2016 / Shona / Links: Road Safety Social Responsibility

For the last few years, Clearview Intelligence has supported Brake, the national road safety campaign charity, in their annual Road Safety Week. Brake founded Road Safety Week in 1997 to raise awareness about road safety and promote steps that everyone can take to help stop avoidable deaths and injuries. The over-arching issues addressed by Brake are firmly aligned with our own priorities – making journeys easy, efficient, and above all, safe.

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