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CSR: Investing in People, Health and Wellbeing

As a company, we believe that we have a responsibility to not only produce the best solutions for our industry but to also be socially responsible whenever possible. Charitable causes, fundraising, voluntary work, reducing our carbon footprint, giving back to the community and improving our working environment, are just some of the activities Clearview Intelligence undertakes to ensure we live by our ethos of making a genuine difference.

Health and Wellbeing

We believe in wellbeing for all, which starts at Clearview itself. Creating the right working practices encourages the best working results. Health and wellbeing campaigns are run across a calendar of events, where our staff are encouraged to adopt healthy living practices like Dry January and participate in mind nourishing and relaxing activities such as sound baths.

Mental wellness and support

Each year we choose a local charity to support. The whole team get to nominate and also vote on which charity we support. This year (2022) it is Willen Hospice – the only adult care Hospice in Milton Keynes. We raise money throughout the year by doing cake sales, sponsoring events, and doing other fundraising activities. Our team can also support by using their volunteer days.


Giving back to the community

Community is the backbone of society. Giving back and nurturing it for the future benefits us all, which is why Clearview Intelligence is now officially “Friends of the Trust” for the MK Dons SET (Sport & Education Trust). The trust sets out to improve the lives of people in Milton Keynes using sport and education.

Supporting the trust means Clearview supports the local community from all backgrounds and abilities, including toddlers in sports camps, to the more advanced in years participating in walking football. All are given the chance to focus their energy and talent on what they love doing best – playing football!

Supporting the wider community

Seeing the great work that the MK Dons SET achieves by including veterans, women’s football and local schools means that by supporting the scheme we are helping to raise funds and spread the trust’s reach to the wider community.

Additionally, as part of our calendar of CSR activities, Clearview staff donate to food banks all around Milton Keynes.