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Our Legacy

The Clearview Intelligence story starts in 1974 with Golden River Traffic, which developed the first fully electronic traffic counter that enabled direct data transfer to a computer.

Since then, the technology has moved on and so has the brand. From Golden River traffic counters, Astucia road studs and the Clearview Traffic Group Insight platform, to the creation of the new brand Clearview Intelligence, ours has been a journey of iteration, innovation and invention.


Golden River Traffic is established and develops the first fully electronic traffic counter, the Marksman Mk2 Traffic Classifier to enable direct data transfer to a computer.


The company introduce the world’s first microprocessor-based, loop-detector and traffic classifier, the Marksman Mk3 series.


Count On Us founded by Andrew Burton


The launch of the Marksman 660 brings new levels of versatility to traffic monitoring providing any combination of count, classification, weigh-in-motion and pollution data from a variety of input methods. The M660 is still used globally as the workhorse for many monitoring applications.

Astucia (UK) Limited was founded by Martin Dicks to provide intelligent Traffic Management Systems, best known for its intelligent solar and mains powered LED road stud products.


The growth of real-time data applications. The Marksman 700 becomes the first roadside processor to be installed in MIDAS applications and goes live on the M25 motorway near Heathrow Airport, Europe’s busiest section of motorway.


The first Astucia solar powered road studs were installed in the road.


A world-first concept of sunlight producing real-time traffic data. The solar powered TCC Outstation and tPole delivers real-time traffic data every five minutes via GPRS or the internet


Sir John Madejski OBE DL acquires Astucia Ltd.


Golden River Traffic becomes part of the Astucia Group.


Astucia acquires Count On Us Limited


Astucia Group evolves into Clearview Traffic Group Ltd and new Identity for all group companies is launched at the Intertraffic exhibition in April 2006.


Clearview Traffic launches the new Mk4 SolarLite Flush Road Stud and the new M680 and the M720 rack mountable vehicle count and classifiers.


Clearview Traffic launches the M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection system.


Clearview Traffic launches the M210 logging stud to provide a low cost, easy to install volumetric counting product for temporary and permanent applications.


Clearview Traffic launches the IRS2 hardwired intelligent road stud.


Clearview Traffic reaches the milestone of 150 M100 wireless vehicle detection system installations.

Clearview Traffic launches the M830 Bluetooth traffic monitoring system.


Clearview Traffic exploits sensor expertise in vehicle detection and counting to enter into smart parking market.

Clearview Traffic introduces new standard in traffic data intelligence – Insight.


Clearview Traffic secures Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) funding from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to deliver the next generation of intelligent road stud.


Clearview Traffic joins the oneTRANSPORT consortia on an exciting 2 year collaborative project funded by Innovate UK to explore the development of an international data platform standard for real-time traffic data sharing.


Clearview Traffic, Astucia and Golden River are united under one brand as Clearview Intelligence, celebrating our professional, creative and tenacious approach to problem solving and our ability to pioneer intelligent solutions that make journeys work.

Clearview Intelligence continue to create innovative solutions that harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

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