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Software Downloads

Please find below links to downloadable zip files containing the relevant software to use in conjunction with our sensor technologies.

Connex Main Application Software

Latest firmware for the Connex core system

Download file

Traffic DOT

The latest release of Traffic DOT software

Download file

M100 System Firmware

Updated 20/03/2020 (Requires pre-installation of Traffic Dot software)

Download file

M680 / M720 App Loader software

Application to update Firmware on M680 and M720

Download file

M680 Main Application software

Latest firmware for the M680 core system

Download file

M720 Main Application software

Latest firmware for the M720 core system

Download file

GR Format

v3.5.47 for M680 & M720
Command line utility to convert M680 and M720 binary files to text

Download file


v2.12 Software for use with Connex Traffic, M680, M720

Download file


MLink-S for M210 Data retreival

Download file

Insight Json Converter

Insight Json Converter_V1.0

Download file

Connex Format

V2.0 Application to decode all data stored in the SD card for the Connex Traffic and Connex Active.

Download file