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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.

When intelligence is hoarded and not shared, it’s wasted. We collaborate with strategic partners to make the very best use of available intelligence and pass the benefits on to our customers.

Costain Integrated Technology Solutions Limited (formerly Simulation Systems Ltd.) is a leading highways technology development company, established for over thirty years, providing best-in-class hardware and software solutions, designed from first principles, to precisely meet clients' specifications and needs. 

As a systems and equipment designer, integrator and solutions provider, Costain works closely with the major UK Highways agencies, local authorities and others including leading consultancies, design agencies and suppliers. 

We partnered with Costain on the development of the M830 journey time system.

Visit the Costain Integrated Technology Solutions Limited website.

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Icoms Detections SA (previously Icoms Communications SA) is a Belgian company created in 1993 and specialised in the design and manufacturing of microwave detectors and equipment for vehicle counting, classification and speed measurement, commonly called “radars”.

These high tech detectors have found numerous fields of applications, such as a.o. road traffic management and ITS, in which Icoms Detections has become an international key actor.

Belgium, Italy, France, Great-Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Australia and Canada are but a few of the countries where Icoms radars are found.

The quality of its products and services and the satisfaction of clients are prime objectives of the company. Their quality system has been certified in accordance with the ISO9001/2000 standard in 2002.

We partner with Icoms Detections to deliver our M500 Radar Counter.

Visit the Icoms Detections SA website

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Nedap Mobility Solutions helps cities become smart about mobility through deployment of their wireless parking detection system SENSIT and the advanced system for city access control. 

These solutions share a common aim with our own, focusing on securing the flow of vehicles in urban environments, alleviating congestion and frustration. Nedap Mobility Solutions are part of Nedap Identification Systems, whose parent company is Nedap N.V. 

Nedap N.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands. Nedap designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technological solutions for themes that are relevant to the modern society. It is Nedap’s ambition to offer “Technology that Matters”.

We partner with Nedap Mobility Solutions to offer the M300 wireless bay occupancy detection system as part of our portfolio of advanced parking optimisation solutions.

Visit the Nedap Mobility Solutions website.

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Sensys Networks provide accurate, dependable, real-time data for region-wide roadway optimisation.

Founded in 2003, Sensys Networks is the world’s leading provider of wireless traffic detection and integrated traffic data systems. Sharing with them a common vision of making journeys work through the deployment of accurate detection technologies and dissemination of actionable data, we have been working together since 2009.

In that time, Sensys Networks have become one of the fastest growing companies in the US and have developed an enviable reputation as an innovative Smart City technology company, providing traffic visionaries and implementers with a comprehensive detection and data platform for virtually all traffic management needs. Together we partner to enable data-driven decisions to drive efficient, economic and environmental improvements for cities.

We partner with Sensys Network to bring you the M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System and the M100BR Radar Bicycle Detector.

Visit the Sensys Networks website.

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The Zeta Group is a privately owned company (originally founded in January 1989 as as an Oxford University spin off known then as Zeta Controls Ltd), specialising in the development of electronic control systems.

Since this time, the group has grown and expanded to service three separate market sectors: Automotive, Solar and LED. It is Zeta’s expertise and knowledgebase in both solar energy harvesting and LED lighting, which align closely to our own skill set and provide the potential for a great match between our two businesses.

A close neighbour to us on the same industrial estate in Bicester and with a similar focus on supporting our local community, Zeta also shares a similar philosophy and pedigree in their approach to new product design as recognised by their multi-award winning track record. We partner with Zeta on our Innovate UK funded Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative project.

Visit the Zeta Group website.

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