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Solar powered SolarLite Road Studs can reduce night time accidents by up to 70%. They provide visibility up to 900m (10x the visibility of traditional retro-reflective cat’s-eyes). A motorist driving at a speed of 100km/h (62mph) will see 90m of delineation from retro-reflective cat’s-eyes. This provides circa 3.2 seconds to react to changes in the road ahead. With active road studs providing up to 900m visibility, reaction time available to the motorist is over 30 seconds. That’s considerably longer to take in and process information about possible hazards ahead.

Do you have an accident blackspot on your network?

Do a high proportion of incidents occur after dark?

Are you looking to enhance road safety?

If so, download this white paper to understand the effectiveness of SolarLite Active Road Studs in improving road safety and how they compare to conventional cat's eyes in cost and performance.

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