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The largest single cause of serious injury on our roads...

March 23rd 2017 / HeidiM / Links: Road Safety

The largest single cause of serious injury on the roads are crashes at junctions, so improving junction safety and reducing the number of accidents occurring around junctions continues to be a major concern, and should always be a top priority to road safety officers and operators.

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Intelligent mobility, smart cities, smart highways, IoT, MaaS, what's the latest buzzword and why do we keep changing it?

March 16th 2017 / WayneS / Links: News / Commentary Smart Cities Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Internet of Things

Over the course of the past ten years, and maybe longer, the ITS industry has attracted buzzwords like the M25 attracts cars (can ITS be classified as a buzzword too?). There's been a lot of them, all of which seem to promise the next giant leap into the future. But is this a bad thing?

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We’ll be there……will you?

March 9th 2017 / Shona / Links: Events

Another busy year lies ahead for Clearview Intelligence in 2017 as we embark on the exciting events cycle once again.

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How can a car park improve workspace productivity?

March 2nd 2017 / Shona / Links: Parking

The Stoddart Review’s ‘Workplace Advantage’ report published in 2016 revealed how an effective workplace can improve business productivity by as much as 3.5% and that only half (53%) of employees believe that their working environment enables them to work productively. Clearview Intelligence agrees that the purpose of the workplace is to enable employees to be as effective as they can be. However, the report does not mention the role of corporate car parks in facilitating an efficient and stress-free start to the day for employees.

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Getting the right balance between parking availability and cost

February 23rd 2017 / HeidiM / Links: News / Commentary Parking News

There is a growing concern amongst UK motorists over the cost and availability of parking according to a recent survey by the RAC. Optimising parking space usage and improving the efficiency of parking operations can help to address the concerns highlighted.

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LoRaWhat? LoRaWAN and its application to Intelligent Transport Systems

February 16th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: News / Commentary Smart Cities Internet of Things

We recently held a one-day hackathon to better understand LoRaWAN technology and how it can be applied to what we do here at Clearview Intelligence. But before delving into what we learnt, let’s be clear on what LoRaWAN is and why it’s relevant to Intelligent Transport Systems.

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Driving safely in the rain

February 9th 2017 / Shona / Links: News / Commentary Road Safety

‘When it rains, it kills’ is the stark warning of Highways England’s recent road safety campaign to promote awareness of the dangers of driving at speed in wet conditions. Statistics show that nearly 3,000 people were killed or seriously injured driving in the rain last year.

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Actively manage your car park to keep employees safe and happy

February 2nd 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

Do you consider your car park a staff benefit, part of your Health and Safety, and/or Corporate Social Responsibility? We think car parking is an all too often forgotten part of the workplace - yes, it is outside of the building and yes, using the car park is something that happens before and after work - but it can have a real impact on your business and we think it has an important part to play in creating the best possible workspace.

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Meet the team: Andy Salotti, Head of Solutions

January 26th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: News / Commentary Road Safety

In this article our Head of Solutions, Andy, explains what’s involved in his role and discusses how Clearview Intelligence develop innovative road safety solutions in response to the specific issues our clients are facing.

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