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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.


Observations, news and opinion on all aspects of the industry, straight from the keyboards of us here at Clearview Intelligence.

Split the cost, share a lift: how car sharing benefits both businesses and car owners

September 21st 2017 / HeidiM / Links: Congestion Parking

A car sharing scheme can benefit both businesses and car owners alike. One of the main benefits to car sharing is that you are cutting down on energy usage and reducing your own carbon footprint.

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Signalling the way forward for traffic controls

September 14th 2017 / Shona / Links: Congestion Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

After the summer hiatus, the JCT Symposium always signals the start of the next round of events for us here at Clearview Intelligence. JCT takes place at the University of Warwick every September and offers a unique opportunity for traffic signal engineers to exchange knowledge, experience and good practice. This year, our multi-award winning intelligent road stud scheme on the Sheriffhall Roundabout near Edinburgh will be the focus of a presentation by Richard Llewellyn of the Transport Research Institute (TRI) at Edinburgh Napier University.

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How to get a good return from your road safety investment

September 7th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

The latest reported road casualties in Great Britain figures are due out later this month. Based on the last 5 years of results, we aren’t hopeful for a sudden decline in road deaths. Improvements in the number of deaths on our roads have stagnated since 2010 and the introduction of austerity budgets. With reduced budgets, how can you make the case for continuing to invest in road safety initiatives?

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Meet the Solutions Team

August 30th 2017 / HeidiM / Links: News

Our solutions team has a wide range of skills, all sharing one very important goal – to use our experience and expertise to deliver the best possible solution for the benefit of our clients.

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Connected cities need connected car parks

August 24th 2017 / Shona / Links: Parking

A ‘connected city’, also known as a ‘smart city’, relies on an intelligent infrastructure which utilises the wealth of innovation and technologies created by Internet of Things (IoT) and applies them to urban needs. There is a plethora of new and emerging devices and equipment that can sense the environment and / or their own status, send data, and even receive commands - the data that they create and collate enables organisations and individuals to better navigate ‘the real world’ by predicting trends and providing real-time information and guidance.

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Is one driving test really enough for 50 or more years of motoring?

August 17th 2017 / AndrewR / Links: Road Safety

UK road traffic density has doubled since 1979 but how many drivers can honestly say they continue to actively seek to improve their driving skills? Perhaps it's worth challenging how often we should be examined on our road knowledge. Is one test when we were teenagers really enough?

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Look No Wires: using wireless vehicle detection to reduce congestion

August 10th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

Traffic flows better and congestion is reduced when signalised junctions use adaptive traffic control (ATC) systems such as SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) and MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation). As a traffic engineer you will be well aware of the benefits of ATC, but you may be less aware of an alternative to the traditional inductive loops used to provide the vehicle detection such systems rely on.

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Creating a safer road infrastructure for the future

August 3rd 2017 / Shona / Links: Road Safety Social Responsibility

Clearview Intelligence has long been an active supporter of Brake, the road safety charity, so we were delighted to learn that we are finalists in the Brake Fleet Safety Awards 2017 for the Innovation category. We believe that innovative, infrastructure-based technology solutions will make the necessary immediate incremental improvements to our road infrastructure, ensuring a continued positive impact on driver safety and education.

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Driving in the dark: how targeting night-time road safety can make a big difference to the total number of fatal accidents

July 27th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

We believe that looking for trends in when and where road deaths occur offers the best return on investment and the greatest chance for the UK to meet its commitment to reducing road deaths. One such trend centres on driving at night. Figures compiled by the Department for Transport (DfT) suggest that driving at night is more dangerous than during the day. Why is this and how can we mitigate the dangers of driving at night?

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