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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.


Observations, news and opinion on all aspects of the industry, straight from the keyboards of us here at Clearview Intelligence.

How do you make a smart motorway even smarter? Maximising driver confidence through intelligent road markings

December 7th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

Despite the congestion relief promised by smart motorways, we’ve seen much made in the press about the public lacking confidence when it comes to how to drive on them. The use of Emergency Refuge Areas (ERAs) in particular has been causing concern. So what can be done to encourage appropriate use of ERAs and what difference will the current surface and lighting trials make to driver confidence and behaviour?

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New ROI Calculators to help justify road safety investment

November 30th 2017 / HeidiM / Links: Road Safety

We have developed two new Return on Investment (ROI) tools to help road safety teams visualise and build the business case to justify the financial costs of deploying innovative solutions, that will help avoid incidents and save lives.

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Speed down, save lives!

November 23rd 2017 / HeidiM / Links: Road Safety

Clearview Intelligence have been working hard at getting across various messages this year to improve safety on our roads and have several cases which show that the right solution in the right location can significantly reduce speeding.

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Roads for a modern Britain — a review of this year’s Highways UK event

November 16th 2017 / AndrewR / Links: News / Commentary Road Safety Smart Cities

Last week Clearview Intelligence joined the great and good of the highways industry at the NEC for the Highways UK show. Hosted by Highways England the show is growing in size each year and is clearly becoming a major annual event on the calendar.

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The best active road stud in the world just got better

November 9th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

With the traditional cat’s eye road stud set for a rebrand after councils reported complaints over ‘cats eyes removed’ warning signs, it’s important we understand the difference between passive and active road studs. Passive road studs are those more commonly known as cat’s eyes. They use a reflective surface made up of many small prisms to bounce the light from a cars headlights back to the driver. This reflected light highlights the path of the road ahead. Active road studs feature the same reflective surface, but also use solar-powered LEDs to actively light up the road after dark so drivers can see further on the road ahead.

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Boosting parking compliance. How technology is helping call the shots

November 2nd 2017 / AndrewR / Links: Parking

It doesn’t really matter if you manage a car park for a local authority, an NHS Health Trust, an education facility, a retail park or a corporate company, at some point the issue of how to enforce your parking regulations will be on the agenda. And if that’s on the agenda, then how to deal with frustrated customers and potential bad press will not be far behind.

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We’re jamming… and not in a good way – the cost of congestion on the UK’s roads is £30 billion

October 24th 2017 / HeidiM / Links: Congestion

The UK is the third most congested country in Europe and we spend an average of 32 hours each year stuck in peak hour traffic. Making better decisions and informed judgements on the road network is something that Clearview can help with. Our traffic flow monitoring technology gathers accurate, real-time intelligence about traffic volume, type, speed, directional flow, and driver behaviour patterns.

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How to save lives through a targeted approach to road safety

October 19th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Road Safety

Last month's Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2016 annual report revealed a 4% increase in the number of reported road deaths. While this is not a large increase, it represents yet another year of no improvement in safety on our roads. The trend for the number of fatalities on the UK’s roads has remained largely flat since 2010 with an average of five people killed in road accidents every day. At Clearview, we support the many initiatives to bring this figure down.

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Monitoring the health of hospital car parks

October 12th 2017 / Shona / Links: Parking

Much of the stress caused by hospital parking is avoidable. Hospitals need to make the parking experience as painless as possible for patients and visitors by providing clear and accessible information on parking charges and policy, sources of financial support, and the availability of passes, permits or season tickets for regular users. But management also needs to understand exactly how parking zones are being used in order to effectively manage and maintain this important estate asset and revenue stream.

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