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A long-term solution to vehicle detection

The annual JCT Symposium is the largest forum for signal engineers, bringing together traffic signal practitioners and manufacturers to foster relationships and drive innovation in signal engineering. A regular highlight in our event’s calendar, last week’s event did not disappoint.

The event offered insight into innovations such as MOVA 8 and the use of in-car apps to notify drivers of potential hazards. Another common talking point was the technology being developed to create a clear communication path between vehicles and the road.

We were in attendance to discuss our wireless vehicle detection solution and share the news that we’ve extended the warranty on the entire system from two to five years. The system is expected to last ten years to match the longevity of the road surface while requiring only very little or no maintenance. Recent improvements to the components of the solution have further minimised the maintenance requirements.

M100 solution components

The full solution comprises just a few pieces of equipment that work together to gather and relay vehicle detection information to enable adaptive traffic signal control, Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) systems, or route safety solutions.

The M100 magnetometer is an in-road sensor that uses magnetic field sensing to detect vehicles overhead. The sensors are equipped with a radio transmitter that communicates vehicle detection data with an M110 Access Point or M115 Repeater Unit. These sensors have a 10-year battery life and can be installed to a depth of 165mm, which allows road resurfacing without the need to remove the sensor.

The M110 Access Point receives vehicle detection data from the sensors and uses a wired ethernet connection to relay the sensor detection data via a range of interface cards dependant on the application (signal control, MIDAS, or route safety). The access point can be mounted on any roadside column or signal head.

Where one or more installed M100 Sensors are out of the range of the nearest access point (over 35 metres), M115 Repeater Units can be used to provide a two-way relay to extend the range and coverage between the sensors and the access point. Repeater units have a maximum range of 200m from the M110 access point, or up to three repeater units can be used in tandem, allowing access point coverage over a range of up to 600m.

Like the M100 Sensors, the M115 Repeater Units do not require any external power supply or cabling. The units are available either with a seven-year replaceable battery or as a new solar-powered variant, which has a battery life of over 10 years.

M100 solution benefits

Regular readers of our blogs will know the many benefits of wireless vehicle detection: they are more cost-effective, durable and quicker to install than inductive loops. They are also immune to the effects of weather and occlusion, unlike video and radar.

If you’d like to know more about our wireless vehicle detection solution why not download our webinar on the solution or get in touch.

Author: Michelle C |Date Published: September 2018

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