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A Year in Review: All Change for Clearview Intelligence in 2016

2016 has been a transformative year for Clearview Intelligence in many ways. We started the year as Clearview Traffic Group; a name that encompassed the sub brands Astucia and Golden River. We successfully rebranded to Clearview Intelligence in April. The new brand reflects our position in the Intelligent Transport Systems Sector and a new maxim "making journeys work" which we feel more accurately reflects the shared vision that we all should have for our transport infrastructure.

This focus on intelligent solutions to make travel easy, efficient and safe was central to the intelligent road stud solution on the A720 Sheriffhall Roundabout, which won four National Awards in 2016!

The solution links our Intelligent Road Studs to the phasing of traffic lights on the roundabout so that studs embedded in the road surface illuminate and guide drivers onto the appropriate lanes of the roundabout when the traffic lights turn to green. This has had a significant positive impact on collision risk at the roundabout through reduced lane transgressions, meaning fewer accidents and less congestion.

Similarly, our Active Road Studs improved journeys on the A1 in Scotland this year. The solar powered studs enhanced junction safety along the route and prompted the chair of the A1 Action Group, Councillor Michael Veitch to comment: “The studs have improved night-time visibility beyond all recognition”.

The benefits of our traffic flow monitoring solutions were also recognised in 2016 as Clearview were awarded two new 10-year maintenance contracts by Road Management Services for DBFO (Area) 29 and DBFO (Area) 31. This ongoing success is testament to our excellent track record of effectively maintaining and accurately monitoring the routes, ensuring customer confidence in the traffic data provided, which is so fundamental to the overall financial management of the DBFO project.

This year also cemented Clearview Intelligence as a key player in the parking market following installations of car park monitoring solutions in a number of UK retail and employee car parks. This is an area of the business set to grow significantly in 2017 as we go on to install our parking optimisation solutions for a major UK car park operator.

So what about 2017?

2017 will see us providing further support to public sector organisations through our place on Crown Commercial Service's Traffic Management Technology 2 (TMT2) agreement. Our presence on the framework will allow us to make our range of traffic management technology products, solutions and services, including traffic signals, and parking and access control systems readily available for this sector.

Continuing to support the strategic road network remains a core focus for 2017 with new offerings such as the application of wireless vehicle detection for MIDAS. This innovative application of wireless technology has been trialled extensively this year, ready to be applied in 2017. Wireless vehicle detection allows operators to benefit from much shorter installation times, meaning traffic keeps flowing and road workers are less at risk.

Another exciting innovation we are looking forward to in 2017 is our next generation solar powered LED road stud. A UK designed and built product that offers even greater visibility than our current SolarLite Active Road Stud. This greater visibility allows drivers even more time to react to changes in the road ahead. Thus, they are able to navigate more safely and night time accidents decrease.

Intelligence underpins our past and our future endeavours

The word intelligence is core to our brand, our industry, and how we are making journeys work. This intelligence is made available to us and our clients through our Insight Data Intelligence Platform, which pools data from a myriad of sources and transforms it into meaningful intelligence. Insight empowers users to make informed decisions regarding the use of their network and will continue to do so through the developments planned for 2017 and beyond.

We look forward to working with you in 2017 and wish you a happy New Year!

Author: Michelle C |Date Published: January 2017

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