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Active Road Studs: clear winners at the 2018 Highways and NTA Awards

SolarLite Active Road Studs have again been recognised as best in class at the 2018 Highways Awards, which took place last night (Wednesday).

Two separate Clearview schemes were nominated in the Road Marking Project of the Year award category. The first was carried out in partnership with WJ Group and Highways England to improve the quality and the durability of road markings on the A38 in Derbyshire. The second was carried out in partnership with Amey, Transport Scotland and Edinburgh Napier University to improve driving conditions at night on the A1 north of the Scottish border.

The multidisciplinary upgrade scheme on the A38 was the winner at last night’s Highways Awards. The judges commented that the scheme “Demonstrated the benefits of real collaboration to help improve a vital area of the strategic road network”.

This short video details how WJ, Clearview and Highways England’s East Midlands Asset Delivery (EMAD) team worked collaboratively to deliver the improvements needed on the A38 to provide the best possible experience for road users.

As you can see from the video the EMAD team were facing the challenges of bringing an older road surface up to date. They also needed to help drivers navigate the geometry of this section of the A38, which included short on-and-off slip roads and a lack of street lighting.

Clear benefits for drivers

To overcome these challenges, they chose to utilise WJ’s WeatherLine+ road markings and Clearview’s SolarLite Active Road Studs. Both the WeatherLine+ road markings and SolarLite road studs offer outstanding visibility and greater durability compared to traditional solutions. Our active road studs use solar power to drive inbuilt LEDs. These shine brightly as darkness falls and allow drivers to see up to ten times further ahead than traditional retro-reflective road studs. This visibility is well beyond the beam of the car's headlights and gives drivers far longer to react to changes in the road ahead, whether that be a slip road joining or a sharp bend.

The greater durability offered by both solutions means this project delivered a significant whole-life cost saving and will require far less maintenance than that needed for the previous road markings. It was because of Highways England’s new asset delivery model that the EMAD team was able to explore all options and secure such appropriate solutions to the challenges on the A38.

Those who worked on the A38 scheme know this new delivery model is effective and hopefully, this external validation will help others to embrace this collaborative delivery method.

Clear benefits for cyclists

This success follows less than a week after another SolarLite scheme received national recognition. The Oxford Road Cycleway won the Excellence in Cycling and Walking award at the National Transport Awards last week. Oxford Road in Manchester had undergone several changes to improve safety for both cyclists and pedestrians. These included diverting the cycle lane behind bus stops to avoid accidents between buses, cyclists and pedestrians. SolarLite road studs were used to highlight the route of the cycle path as well as to highlight pedestrian crossings.

Having the same product recognised for different applications shows how versatile and effective Active Road Studs are. Get in touch if you’d like to understand how these road studs could help solve a challenge on your network.

Author: Michelle C |Date Published: October 2018

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