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Are road safety solutions really tackling the UK’s most dangerous roads?

Here at Astuciaone of the ongoing topics of debate is that around how well road safety solutions are tackling the issue of dangerous roads in the UK.

Our focus was on road safety once again, with the publication of the British EuroRAP 2014 results by the Road Safety Foundation, with interesting reading throughout around the safety or motorists on British roads in 2014.

According to this report, the largest single cause of deaths on the network is due to crashes of vehicles running off the road 25%, whilst the most improved road in Britain highlights road studs (although they are standard ones not ours) as one of the safety features improved, but this supports our message that road studs are a key safety benefit.

Furthermore, 9 of the top 15 most improved roads listed in the report cite improved road markings as one of the actions attributed to improvements.

Worryingly, half the accidents come from only 1/3 of journeys and occur during the hours of darkness, this is preventable, because Astucia road studs are proven to reduce night time accidents by up to 70%.

Astucia studs also provide drivers with up to 10 times greater time to react to hazards such as bends in the road ahead and topography to reduce instances of running off road.

The Astucia intelligent road studs provide this superior information about the shape of the road ahead in the drivers natural line of vision – rather than motorists taking their eyes off the road to look at any signage etc (that is often obscured on rural roads by foliage or simply not clean, such as green algae growth).

Astucia road studs also reduce the instances of drivers crossing the white line reducing instances of head on crashes on rural roads in particular. We hope that road safety on some of our most dangerous roads can be improved radically in 2015 using our innovative products.

To find out more about our Astucia intelligent road studs, please get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: December 2014

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