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At Clearview Traffic, one of our core customer markets are local authorities in the UK.

Local authorities utilise roadside monitoring equipment to provide information about the road network for both short and long-term needs within the Authority. This traffic data is often collected in response to a specific user-request or reporting requirement.

Providing traffic data to multiple teams

With the number of different areas of responsibility within an Authority, it’s not uncommon for casualty reduction teams, highways planning and traffic enforcement officers to all need access to the same information.

There are many instances where new equipment is installed to gather information when existing data from devices already deployed could provide the same answers, or departments within the Authority are not aware or able to access these rich sources of data.

Traditionally, sharing this data would require significant time and resource to aggregate, validate and further manipulate the data to then generate reports, to present the data in a useable format.

The end-user would only have access to this formatted data from a set period and location, based on the initial request.

The difference that real Insight® can bring

Our latest Traffic Data Management solution called Insight® has been designed to enable the sharing of information in an accessible, controlled, and secure way.

It establishes a new standard in traffic intelligence for local authorities and road operators, and delivers a number of key benefits:

  • User-friendly custom data analysis and sharing
  • Streamlined and efficient process for sensor data gathering
  • Readily automates transformation of data into information
  • Real-time access anywhere, anytime to inform decision-making
  • Flexible data sharing with other systems
  • Prevents unnecessary site maintenance visits
  • Facilitates more efficient resource utilisation
  • Enables graphical, contextual view of network performance

One application – multiple uses

Different areas of an Authority can often be found looking for traffic data in geographical areas – often unaware that data already exists, or that roadside equipment is already in place.

Insight® includes a map showing the physical locations of all devices, providing other users the ability to see coverage and utilise existing infrastructure.

For example, the Road Safety Teams could access a set or reports that present them with time and speed for an area of interest. Reports can present real-time information automatically, or the same report can be used to show historical data with a user-changeable parameter.

traffic data

traffic data

The data captured behind the scenes is untouched and remains in its default format: this way, the data can be reported and analysed dependent on the end-users’ needs.

Traffic engineers will be interested in additional factors and may want to have an understanding of the number and types of vehicles, as well as information around traffic flow.

The same data that’s used by the Road Safety Teams is also used by the Traffic Engineers, but presented in a different way and with additional information.

As well as having access to the latest data, traffic teams may require data over longer periods of time and aggregated, so they can take a big-picture-view of the road network.

As well as the traditional export of data, Insight® provides the ability to stream this data as a feed in industry-standard formats. This streamed data can be used to feed into other systems for use by Town Planners, Architects or services departments such as refuse collection and maintenance teams – adding further value and insight to existing data sets.

If you’d like to find out more about our Insight® traffic intelligence platform, please feel free to contact us here.

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