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Bicycle detection covered – from all angles!

As one of the UK’s leading providers of traffic data solutions and improved road safety for cyclists, we’re seeing more local authorities promoting cycling as part of their sustainable travel plans.

However, the increase in cyclists on the roads has also brought increased issues with cyclist safety. We came across this interesting article recently and although it’s a blatant PR piece from the Sainsbury’s corporate communications team, it does highlight new developments in road safety for cyclists.

With a huge increase in cycling popularity over the last few years as a mode of transport for both leisure and a method of commuting both to and from work, the number of cycling incidents on the road is increasing.

Accidents involving cyclists – particularly in London – has highlighted issues further, and increased calls for modifications to junctions and signalling such as specific traffic signals for bicycles to be provided, as 75% of bicycle accident occur at traffic junctions.

Over the last couple of years, TFL have reviewed hundreds of junctions across the capital, to specifically examine safety and provision for cyclists and worked closely with representatives from cycling and road user groups, London Boroughs, and the Police, to help design better junctions for cyclists and other road users.

In conjunction with safety precautions being undertaken with HGV manufacturers and leading retailers including the campaign being adopted by Sainsbury’s, products such as the M100BR are meeting the demands for more accurate bicycle detection at traffic junctions through this cost effective solution to detect the presence of bicycles.

The sensor in the M100BR can be used in a range of locations where bicycle detection is required – such as cycle lane approaches to junctions, or Advance Stop Lines, and differentiate between a vehicle and a bicycle.

Road safety for cyclists – the facts:

  • 75% of cycle serious accidents are on or near junctions
  • HGVs are only 5% of traffic but involved with 20% of cycle fatalities
  • The main conflict is a left turning HGV cutting across a cyclist
  • Blind spot removal by cameras or mirrors (including traffic signal mounted ‘Trixi mirrors’) a positive step
  • Accurate detection of cycles via M100BR can be used to maintain efficiencies by only introducing the cycle phase when bikes are detected
  • Cycle specific traffic signals signal phases being introduced
    • Early start green phases – allow a cyclist to get ahead and therefore visible to other traffic
    • Dedicated separate phases – either controlled by traditional high level signals with cycle symbol or new low level signals
    • These additional phases can bring inefficiencies junctions by not being adaptive

To find out more about our road safety for cyclists solutions, please visit here.

Author: |Date Published: October 2014

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