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Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Questioning the development and implementation of CAV

July 4th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Two years ago, whilst announcing the budget in 2017, Chancellor Philip Hammond pledged “genuine driverless vehicles” would be operating on the UK’s roads by 2021. But with just two years to go until that deadline hits, serious questions have to be asked about whether the technology and roads are ready to adopt such a major change.

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Mapping the journey time to a connected world

October 25th 2018 / Andrew R/ Links: Journey Time Monitoring Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Companies need to continue to develop and improve their service offerings, keeping up with new technology and utilising this to provide new ways of monitoring who is using the road network. With the ultimate aim of live real time data flow from vehicles to a central point to help control the flow of autonomous traffic across the road network.

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Mind the gap - why developing current technology is just as important as new ideas

May 17th 2018 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Having disruptive shifts in technology seems to have gathered public support over the past 10 years but it is only through concentrating on how to utilise existing technology in new ways that we stand a chance of achieving safety on our roads in a coherent manner.

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How wireless vehicle detection could give you the MIDAS touch: a cost-effective alternative to inductive loops

April 20th 2017 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Network Management Traffic Flow Monitoring Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

In a bid to tackle congestion on England’s motorways, Highways England is working to maximise their capacity by making them ‘smart’. Smart motorway technology does this by optimising the flow of traffic in several ways.

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Intelligent mobility, smart cities, smart highways, IoT, MaaS, what's the latest buzzword and why do we keep changing it?

March 16th 2017 / Wayne S/ Links: News / Commentary Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Over the course of the past ten years, and maybe longer, the ITS industry has attracted buzzwords like the M25 attracts cars (can ITS be classified as a buzzword too?). There's been a lot of them, all of which seem to promise the next giant leap into the future. But is this a bad thing?

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Keeping Road Traffic Moving: Past Initiatives and Thoughts On The Way Forward

October 6th 2016 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Network Management Traffic Flow Monitoring Parking News / Commentary Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Broadly speaking, government has three road transport priorities which have been constant for 20 years, namely: Safety; Climate Change; and Congestion. A fourth priority, Business and Technical Innovation, is rising up the agenda.

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The Car as a Sensor

August 18th 2016 / Michelle C/ Links: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Today’s cars come with on-board computers as standard and can process up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour. These capabilities were developed in the 1980s to reduce emissions and improve car diagnostics, but now present an exciting further opportunity. Combining on-board computing capabilities in cars with the advances in wireless networks and data handling contributing to the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), the car has the opportunity to be the most advanced real-time sensor we have.

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Great start, now let's keep pushing our thinking forward

April 28th 2016 / Andrew R/ Links: Network Management Journey Time Monitoring Traffic Flow Monitoring Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

We were pleased to see the recent announcement by Highways England on how it intends to spend £150M on testing new technology across the strategic road network over the next five years, in their new Innovation Strategy.

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Are driverless vehicles and the concept of perpetual motion inevitable?

February 26th 2015 // Links: News / Commentary Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

A personal perspective from Former Transport Minister and Strategic Advisor to Clearview Traffic Group, Dr Stephen Ladyman The Foresight Team, created by Sir David King when he was the Government's Chief Scientific Advisor, set out in 2006 to explore how science and technology could, over the next 50 years, bring

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