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Cycle Safety

Turning temporary into permanent - how technology is enabling active travel

December 9th 2020 / Helen B/ Links: Route Safety Junction Safety Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety News / Commentary Active Travel

To sustain the high levels of cycling and walking seen during the Covid lockdown period, we need infrastructure that helps people to feel informed, comfortable, and safe. This article looks at active travel funding and turning the original temporary solutions into more robust, permanent infrastructure.

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Everything you need to know about improving route safety

June 20th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

Both Highways England and Transport for London have documented their aspirations that no one is killed on their roads by 2040. Local authorities are similarly committed to reducing accidents on their networks. But with 249,700 miles of road and nearly 2,000 road deaths per year in the UK, where do we even start to tackle road safety issues?

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Breaking the cycle to promote sustainable travel

January 24th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Cycle Safety

Through its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, the Department for Transport has pledged to double the number of bicycle journey stages from 0.8 billion in 2013 to.1.6 billion in 2025. By focusing on improving safety for cyclists, the strategy will unlock the huge health, environmental and economic benefits associated with cycling.

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How to get a good return from your road safety investment

September 7th 2017 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Queue Protection Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

The Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2016 annual report revealed a 4% increase in the number of road deaths compared to 2015. 1,792 people were killed and 24,101 people were seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents in 2016. Improvements in the number of deaths on our roads have stagnated since 2010 and the introduction of austerity budgets. With reduced budgets, how can you make the case for continuing to invest in road safety initiatives?

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Shining a light on greater budget efficiency with active road studs

May 25th 2017 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety Cycle Safety

Juggling budgets is a difficult job, and the battle to prioritise spend in an age of continuing budget pressure is no fun, but we would urge local authorities to keep looking for ways to continually improve not only road conditions but also road safety within their allocated budgets.

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Helping cyclists stay safe this spring

March 30th 2017 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Cycle Safety

With spring now upon us and mornings and evenings becoming ever lighter, many of us may be thinking it’s time to dig the bike out of the shed and start cycling more. We are all aware of the health benefits of regular cycling as well as the wider benefits to the environment and other road users that come with a reduction in car traffic. Yet, UK cycle rates remain low with only 15% of people in the UK cycling at least once a month.

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Cycle to Work Day

September 15th 2016 / Marketing M/ Links: Cycle Safety

Over 41,000 cyclists signed up to 'Cycle to Work Day' yesterday and were encouraged to do so by the Cycle to Work Scheme.

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Cycle rates at a standstill—how can we encourage people to cycle more?

July 21st 2016 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Cycle Safety

The publication of the Local Area Walking and Cycling Statistics last week showed a very slight fall in the number of adults cycling at least once a month in 2014/15. While the decrease is small at only 0.3% we wondered why the change wasn’t in the other direction given the well-publicised benefits to cycling?

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The Zombie Apocalypse versus Road Planning for 2016

February 4th 2016 // Links: Route Safety Cycle Safety Network Management Journey Time Monitoring Traffic Flow Monitoring

In response to a freedom of information request, it turns out that in the case of a zombie apocalypse it would be down to the local authorities, and not the army, to co-ordinate and lead the response to returning the UK to its ‘pre-crisis glory’. So let’s hope for everyone’s

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