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Data Management

Can magnetometers be a viable option for MIDAS installations?

April 24th 2019 / Andrew R / Links: Data Management Journey Predictability

New technology choices are now beginning to emerge that are competing with loops such as radar and magnetometer-based detection. Every option has its pros and cons; some can give greater accuracy, some provide flexibility and some claim lower maintenance costs. But which one works best for you?

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How to get your road users out of a jam: reducing congestion around roadworks

June 8th 2017 / Marketing M / Links: Congestion Road Safety Data Management Journey Predictability Transforming Behaviour

Understanding when congestion is most likely to occur, and where, can help drivers plan accordingly, whether that means setting off early or taking an alternative route. If road operators can provide timely, accurate traffic information and projected journey times during roadworks, road users benefit from the information they need to evaluate alternative routes, let others know of their expected arrival time, and stay calm if they do get caught in a jam by knowing how long they will be held up.

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How Data as a Service (DaaS) is used in the Intelligent Transport Sector (ITS)

May 18th 2017 / Michelle C / Links: Data Management Journey Predictability

We’ve seen many changes in the challenges our clients face over our 40-year history. Initially, our clients needed to know what traffic was using their network. We supplied the hardware to answer this question. Over time our clients have become less concerned with the equipment at the roadside and more concerned with the data. In particular, they need to make sense of the data and turn it into actionable intelligence. As Highways England chief executive Jim O'Sullivan, said recently on the use of data "What are we going to do with it has become the question, rather than how do we get it." Clearview are here to help; through our DaaS agreements and Insight Data Intelligence Platform we allow our clients to focus on the “What” while we look after the “How”.

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How accurate, reliable intelligence keeps strategic roads flowing

April 27th 2017 / Shona W / Links: Data Management

DBFOs, PFIs, Asset Support Contractors...... there are many ways of building, operating and maintaining the strategic roads infrastructure these days, but a common denominator across these different mechanisms is the requirement for precise and accurate intelligence. Successful, strategic highways service delivery relies on the operator knowing the type of vehicles that are on the route, when and where traffic builds up, and how to manage it to keep people moving.

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How wireless vehicle detection could give you the MIDAS touch: a cost-effective alternative to inductive loops

April 20th 2017 / Michelle C / Links: Congestion Road Safety Data Management Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

In a bid to tackle congestion on England’s motorways, Highways England is working to maximise their capacity by making them ‘smart’. Smart motorway technology does this by optimising the flow of traffic in several ways.

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Meet the team: Gareth Carter, Insight Team Leader

November 3rd 2016 / Michelle C / Links: Data Management Parking

In this article our Insight Team Leader, Gareth, explains what’s involved in his role and discusses how Clearview's team of software developers work on the Insight Data Intelligence Platform to deliver meaningful reports on traffic and parking data to our clients.

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Keeping Road Traffic Moving: Past Initiatives and Thoughts On The Way Forward

October 6th 2016 / Michelle C / Links: Congestion News / Commentary Road Safety Data Management Parking Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Transforming Behaviour

Broadly speaking, government has three road transport priorities which have been constant for 20 years, namely: Safety; Climate Change; and Congestion. A fourth priority, Business and Technical Innovation, is rising up the agenda.

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Christmas shopping - are you ready for the parking rush in 2017?

September 29th 2016 / Andrew R / Links: Data Management Parking

No matter how busy the Christmas retail period may prove to be, it is worth noting that viewing car parks as an asset and working on optimising their efficiency should not be a peripheral concern in the overall planning and management of retail centres.

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Meet the team: Tessa Mills, Operational Planning Manager

September 1st 2016 / Michelle C / Links: Data Management

In this article our Operational Planning Manager, Tessa, explains what’s involved in her role and sheds light on how Clearview Intelligence deliver accurate and reliable data for our many Design, Build, Finance, and Operate (DBFO) and Operate & Maintain (O&M) contracts.

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