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Journey Time Monitoring

Let’s take a look back at the best of the 2019 blogs

January 9th 2020 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety Network Management Journey Time Monitoring Wireless Vehicle Detection MIDAS News / Commentary

As we head into a new year we’ve taken one last opportunity to look back at your favourite 2019 Clearview blog posts. Here’s a handy top ten as a reminder of what was in our thoughts as we left the old decade behind.

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Are we nearly there yet? Providing accurate and reliable journey times to beat the summer holiday traffic

August 5th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Journey Time Monitoring

Getting stuck in traffic on the way to your summer holiday is extremely stressful given you likely have a flight or a ferry to catch. What could be worse than running late to catch a connection with bored children in the car asking, ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and no sign of the end to the queueing traffic? Add to this, the fact that many major road upgrades are scheduled for the summer holiday period to reduce the impact on commuters and you can understand how drivers come to blame the road operators for their delay. But what can they do about this when the upgrades need to be carried out at some point?

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The changing (virtual) reality of driver expectations

April 11th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Journey Time Monitoring

For drivers too young to remember life before Sat Navs and Google Maps, planning a cross country journey involved studying maps, confirming the route with friends and if all else failed, stopping to ask directions.

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The many uses of journey time data

February 7th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Network Management Journey Time Monitoring

You can gather journey time data from Bluetooth detectors, ANPR cameras, or it can be crowdsourced. Bluetooth detectors register a MAC address as a driver or passenger with a mobile phone passes a detector; ANPR cameras monitor licence plates; and crowdsourced data is generated by analysing the GPS locations transmitted by mobile phone and satellite navigation systems. The latter is our preferred method of generating journey time data, but why do you need journey time data and what can you use it for?

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Mapping the journey time to a connected world

October 25th 2018 / Andrew R/ Links: Journey Time Monitoring Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Companies need to continue to develop and improve their service offerings, keeping up with new technology and utilising this to provide new ways of monitoring who is using the road network. With the ultimate aim of live real time data flow from vehicles to a central point to help control the flow of autonomous traffic across the road network.

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Help road users navigate roadworks with journey time information

July 26th 2018 / Michelle C/ Links: Network Management Journey Time Monitoring

Ask any road user about the state of the road network in the UK and we’re confident you’ll get an answer lamenting the condition of the roads. You’re also likely to get a comment on the frustration caused by endless roadworks. So, road users want a well-maintained network, but don’t want the roadworks that come with this. What are road operators to do?

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Driving efficiency into your road planning

October 5th 2017 / Andrew R/ Links: Network Management Journey Time Monitoring

In the highways industry, there is, quite rightly, a well-worn path of using Consultants to advise on best practice. And there is nothing wrong with this approach as long as you are sure the Consultants are knowledgeable on the latest thinking and open minded to trying new ideas.

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How to get your road users out of a jam: reducing congestion around roadworks

June 8th 2017 / Marketing M/ Links: Route Safety Network Management Journey Time Monitoring Traffic Flow Monitoring

Understanding when congestion is most likely to occur, and where, can help drivers plan accordingly, whether that means setting off early or taking an alternative route. If road operators can provide timely, accurate traffic information and projected journey times during roadworks, road users benefit from the information they need to evaluate alternative routes, let others know of their expected arrival time, and stay calm if they do get caught in a jam by knowing how long they will be held up.

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