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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.

Journey Predictability

Mapping the journey time to a connected world

October 25th 2018 / AndrewR / Links: Journey Predictability Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Companies need to continue to develop and improve their service offerings, keeping up with new technology and utilising this to provide new ways of monitoring who is using the road network. With the ultimate aim of live real time data flow from vehicles to a central point to help control the flow of autonomous traffic across the road network.

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Driving efficiency into your road planning

October 5th 2017 / AndrewR / Links: Congestion Journey Predictability

In the highways industry, there is, quite rightly, a well-worn path of using Consultants to advise on best practice. And there is nothing wrong with this approach as long as you are sure the Consultants are knowledgeable on the latest thinking and open minded to trying new ideas.

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Do we still need to get our road maintenance ducks in a row?

June 22nd 2017 / AndrewR / Links: Journey Predictability

Traditionally now is the time of the year when new Local Authority budgets have kicked in, the weather is good and road repairs and improvements can get underway. It's always a bit of pain being stuck in roadwork traffic, but the need for increased maintenance of our urban and rural road network has never been greater.

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How to get your road users out of a jam: reducing congestion around roadworks

June 8th 2017 / Marketing / Links: Congestion Road Safety Data Management Journey Predictability Transforming Behaviour

Understanding when congestion is most likely to occur, and where, can help drivers plan accordingly, whether that means setting off early or taking an alternative route. If road operators can provide timely, accurate traffic information and projected journey times during roadworks, road users benefit from the information they need to evaluate alternative routes, let others know of their expected arrival time, and stay calm if they do get caught in a jam by knowing how long they will be held up.

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How Data as a Service (DaaS) is used in the Intelligent Transport Sector (ITS)

May 18th 2017 / MichelleC-H / Links: Data Management Journey Predictability

We’ve seen many changes in the challenges our clients face over our 40-year history. Initially, our clients needed to know what traffic was using their network. We supplied the hardware to answer this question. Over time our clients have become less concerned with the equipment at the roadside and more concerned with the data. In particular, they need to make sense of the data and turn it into actionable intelligence. As Highways England chief executive Jim O'Sullivan, said recently on the use of data "What are we going to do with it has become the question, rather than how do we get it." Clearview are here to help; through our DaaS agreements and Insight Data Intelligence Platform we allow our clients to focus on the “What” while we look after the “How”.

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Providing journey time information around roadworks; are we there yet?

December 15th 2016 / MichelleC-H / Links: Congestion Journey Predictability

Transport Focus, the transport watchdog, recently released ‘Incidents and roadworks, A road user perspective’. This report collates feedback from road users to deliver recommendations to Highways England and concludes that more emphasis should be placed on the needs of road users.

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How Bluetooth can speed up your journeys

August 25th 2016 / admin / Links: Congestion Journey Predictability

As we move we leave digital fingerprints over the world. Smartphones, wearables, tablets and even our vehicles constantly look for networks and devices to connect to. This kind of data can be fed into traffic solutions such as traffic updates and Journey Time Monitoring Systems (JTMS).

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Another month, another sensationalist call for traffic light removal

May 19th 2016 / AndrewR / Links: Congestion Road Safety News Journey Predictability Transforming Behaviour

Here we go again! It seems like every month -- perhaps when real news stories are thin on the ground, a story pops up in the press about how traffic would flow much better if we removed some if not all of the street furniture that govern the use of UK roads.

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Great start, now let's keep pushing our thinking forward

April 28th 2016 / AndrewR / Links: Congestion Smart Cities Data Management News Journey Predictability Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Transforming Behaviour

We were pleased to see the recent announcement by Highways England on how it intends to spend £150M on testing new technology across the strategic road network over the next five years, in their new Innovation Strategy.

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