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Junction Safety

Scottish success story driven by the need for ‘out of the box’ thinking

January 19th 2021 / Helen B/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Network Management Traffic Flow Monitoring News / Commentary

Chris Keenan, Director of Business - Scotland, looks at how the Clearview business has developed in Scotland, the schemes implemented with clients and partners and what the future might hold.

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Turning temporary into permanent - how technology is enabling active travel

December 9th 2020 / Helen B/ Links: Route Safety Junction Safety Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety News / Commentary Active Travel

To sustain the high levels of cycling and walking seen during the Covid lockdown period, we need infrastructure that helps people to feel informed, comfortable, and safe. This article looks at active travel funding and turning the original temporary solutions into more robust, permanent infrastructure.

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How can we remind drivers to stay focused on their driving?

March 18th 2020 / Rachel F/ Links: Route Safety Junction Safety Queue Protection Speed Compliance Traffic Flow Monitoring

Could the everyday routine, combined with tiredness or distractions, such as children, mobile phones and music, mean that drivers aren't fully focussed on what they should be – the safe driving of a fast-moving vehicle?

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Everything you need to know about improving route safety

June 20th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

Both Highways England and Transport for London have documented their aspirations that no one is killed on their roads by 2040. Local authorities are similarly committed to reducing accidents on their networks. But with 249,700 miles of road and nearly 2,000 road deaths per year in the UK, where do we even start to tackle road safety issues?

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What we can learn from Scotland’s road safety success?

November 8th 2018 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Junction Safety Queue Protection Speed Compliance

Fatalities in Scotland reduced by 24 percent in 2017, according to last month's Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain. This was the biggest improvement in Great Britain. Fatalities were reduced to 146, taking Scotland ahead of its 2020 reduction target to reduce fatalities by 40 percent. How is Scotland achieving these gains when the rest of Great Britain is achieving little or no improvement in road safety?

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When, where, what and why? How a targeted approach to road safety is needed to tackle Britain’s stagnant road safety figures.

October 4th 2018 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Queue Protection Speed Compliance

The Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2017 was released this time last week. In reviewing the report we are disappointed by the lack of progress being made on improving road safety in Great Britain. There were 1,793 reported road deaths in 2017, a figure that’s barely changed since 2010. That’s an average of five fatalities per day.

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How to deliver effective route safety solutions to complex road safety challenges

May 10th 2018 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Junction Safety

Unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all approach to road safety. Instead, you need to consider the accident history, the volume of traffic, the surrounding roads, topography and how drivers are negotiating the section of road in question. Once the issues and constraints have been identified, there are multiple solutions to be considered. This is the most challenging part of developing any road safety solution - how do you keep up with the latest technology, integrate technology from different providers, and evaluate the effectiveness of a scheme?

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How to create solutions that reduce accidents on roads and dangerous junctions

January 25th 2018 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Queue Protection

Nearly 5 people die on the UK’s road every day. It’s a well-known figure that has remained stubbornly high for the past 5 years. We know that crashes at junctions are the largest single cause of injury on the roads and that straightforward changes to road markings and layout can massively reduce the number of road accidents. So why has it been so difficult to reduce the injury numbers? By applying innovative ideas and combining existing technology in new ways we’ve designed many effective road safety solutions utilising these methods to positively influence driver behaviour and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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How to get a good return from your road safety investment

September 7th 2017 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Queue Protection Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

The Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2016 annual report revealed a 4% increase in the number of road deaths compared to 2015. 1,792 people were killed and 24,101 people were seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents in 2016. Improvements in the number of deaths on our roads have stagnated since 2010 and the introduction of austerity budgets. With reduced budgets, how can you make the case for continuing to invest in road safety initiatives?

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