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Reviewing smart motorways part 1: Do we need to put the brakes on smart motorways?

March 7th 2019 / Michelle C / Links: News

Almost all of us use the motorway network as part of our travels across the country and as Smart Motorways are continuing to be rolled out, we are all developing opinions and perhaps some understanding on their positive and negative impacts. In this series of blogs, we explore how ideas on future developments can create a positive outcome in developing the UK’s roads.

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We’ll be there…another exciting year of events at Clearview Intelligence

April 26th 2018 / Michelle C / Links: News

In 2018, another busy year for Clearview Intelligence, we’re looking forward to starting the exciting events cycle once more. Read on to see where you can meet us throughout the year.

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Clearview Intelligence’s Top 10 Blogs of 2017

January 4th 2018 / Marketing M / Links: News

Having reached the end of 2017, and what a year it was! Looking back, we’ve reviewed our most popular and talked about blogs of 2017 and thought we’d share the results with our readers.

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Meet the Solutions Team

August 30th 2017 / Marketing M / Links: News

Our solutions team has a wide range of skills, all sharing one very important goal – to use our experience and expertise to deliver the best possible solution for the benefit of our clients.

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Getting the right balance between parking availability and cost

February 23rd 2017 / Marketing M / Links: News / Commentary Parking News

There is a growing concern amongst UK motorists over the cost and availability of parking according to a recent survey by the RAC. Optimising parking space usage and improving the efficiency of parking operations can help to address the concerns highlighted.

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A Year in Review: All Change for Clearview Intelligence in 2016

January 5th 2017 / Michelle C / Links: News / Commentary News

2016 has been a transformative year for Clearview Intelligence in many ways. We started the year as Clearview Traffic Group; a name that encompassed the sub brands Astucia and Golden River. We successfully rebranded to Clearview Intelligence in April. The new brand reflects our position in the Intelligent Transport Systems Sector and a new maxim "making journeys work" which we feel more accurately reflects the shared vision that we all should have for our transport infrastructure.

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The Top 10 road safety, traffic data collection and smart city blogs of 2016

December 29th 2016 / Marketing M / Links: News

As we are about to move into 2017, we have reviewed the most popular and most talked about Clearview road safety, traffic data collection and smart city blog posts from 2016 – and we thought we’d share the results with our blog readers.

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Another month, another sensationalist call for traffic light removal

May 19th 2016 / Andrew R / Links: Congestion Road Safety News Journey Predictability Transforming Behaviour

Here we go again!It seems like every month -- perhaps when real news stories are thin on the ground, a story pops up in the press about how traffic would flow much better if we removed some if not all of the street furniture that govern the use of UK roads.

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Events season is upon us!

May 5th 2016 / Andrew R / Links: Smart Cities Parking News Events

Whilst we cannot say the events industry ever hibernates it's good to see some of the major 2016 industry events are now on the near horizon.

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