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Our innovative solutions harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies our solutions can be applied to many industries, organisations, and sectors.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work.


Workplace car parks affect employees’ short or long stay

November 29th 2018 / JemmaC / Links: Parking

New research shows that the average commute time to work for a driver is now 52 minutes – four minutes more than a decade ago. So, with workers spending more time than ever travelling to and from jobs, is enough being done to simplify the one aspect of their journey that employers can control; parking?

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Simple yet smart parking solutions for council car parks

July 11th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

Council revenue from parking is used to manage the parking provision and fund other transport projects, so it’s vital your parking is working well and continues to bring in revenue. But as privately managed car parks have started to embrace intelligent parking solutions, drivers are increasingly discerning of where they choose to park. The decision to visit one shopping centre over another can now very well be influenced by the parking provision. The same applies when visiting town centres.

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Parking Stress Relief part 4: Changes in the parking industry and how you can keep up

May 3rd 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

So far in this series we’ve looked at the issues caused by poor parking and the technology that’s currently available to solve these issues. But with the pace of change in technology and the bluster surrounding the arrival of autonomous cars you can be forgiven for not feeling confident in what to do next. In this, the final part of our series, we’ll take a pragmatic look at the likely developments in the parking sector and what you need to be thinking of now to keep your parking a positive experience for all.

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Parking Stress Relief part 3: Individual parking bay monitoring using bay sensors or computer vision

April 19th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

In part 2 of our parking stress relief series we discussed how you can monitor the use of your car park globally, now we’ll consider monitoring individual parking bays. Knowing exactly which parking bays are free means you can guide drivers directly into the nearest available space. There are two main ways to identify parking availability at the parking bay level; using individual bay sensors or computer vision technology.

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Parking Stress Relief part 2: Global counts using inductive loop technology or ANPR

April 5th 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

In part 1 of our parking stress relief series we discussed the issues of poor parking and the considerations needed to select the right technology. In part 2, we will cover technology that monitors the overall capacity of the car park, known as global counts within the industry.

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Parking Stress Relief part 1: Optimise your car park to help drivers find every last space

March 22nd 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

UK drivers spend an astonishing average of four days a year looking to park and more than half of UK drivers report suffering stress as a result of not being able to park according to a recent survey. Not only is it an unpleasant waste of time for the person trying to park, but it’s estimated that up to 30% of town centre traffic is made up of drivers looking to park. Imagine the difference if everyone could park quickly and easily at the end of every journey.

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Why smart parking is a vital component of any smart workspace

February 22nd 2018 / MichelleC-H / Links: Parking

Smart buildings use network-enabled building management systems to operate more autonomously. This means sensors from across the building all feed into a single system to control the entire workspace from heating to security. We believe this smart approach is most powerful when applied to the building and the surrounding infrastructure, i.e. the approach to the workplace and the car park.

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How to create flexible and future-proof parking provision

February 1st 2018 / AndrewR / Links: Parking

Provision of parking and its subsequent management is a topic never far away from the top of the agenda for a Local Authority. Parking requirements vary greatly depending on how an area has been built, what amenities are nearby, what other transportation is available and how the local population chooses to use the road network. It can provide a means of revenue or encourage the use of local services, but it is often a source of frustration that will never please 100% of the public.

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Can hospital parking be a collaborative solution?

December 14th 2017 / AndrewR / Links: Parking

The need to charge people for parking whilst they or their relatives are ill remains a very emotive issue, both with the public and at a political level. Which has meant the management of hospital parking facilities has threatened to become a whole new type of job, with the need for facilities management combined with press and public relations skills. It’s certainly a unique beast in the parking world.

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