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Route Safety

Let’s take a look back at the best of the 2019 blogs

January 9th 2020 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety Network Management Journey Time Monitoring Wireless Vehicle Detection MIDAS News / Commentary

As we head into a new year we’ve taken one last opportunity to look back at your favourite 2019 Clearview blog posts. Here’s a handy top ten as a reminder of what was in our thoughts as we left the old decade behind.

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A new head office and Insight Hub innovation suite represents a new commitment from Clearview Intelligence

December 16th 2019 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Network Management

As the end of 2019 approaches it represents just over a year since Clearview Intelligence relocated our head office from Oxfordshire to join our product, research and development teams in Milton Keynes – and what a year it’s been.

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Tough times calls for steady and careful management of our roads

December 5th 2019 / Andrew R/ Links: Route Safety

With winter now upon us it may be important to double check that any maintenance changes made to roads have not inadvertently increased the dangers, rather than the hoped for improvements everyone wants to see.

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The Major Road Network; a major improvement or major missed opportunity?

September 5th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety

With recent comparisons being made between England’s new Major Road Network and Scotland’s devolved government management of its trunk road network, industry stakeholders are hoping to see the same reduction in road casualties which have been achieved north of the border.

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Everything you need to know about improving route safety

June 20th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation Junction Safety Dynamic Lane Marking Pathway Guidance Cycle Safety Speed Compliance

Both Highways England and Transport for London have documented their aspirations that no one is killed on their roads by 2040. Local authorities are similarly committed to reducing accidents on their networks. But with 249,700 miles of road and nearly 2,000 road deaths per year in the UK, where do we even start to tackle road safety issues?

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All you need to know about SolarLite Active Road Studs for enhanced delineation

June 4th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety Enhanced Delineation

Retro reflective studs have long been the favoured and trusted choice for roadside delineation. But in this extended blog, we look at SolarLite Active Road Studs as an alternative and question why today’s modern network is still reliant on an 80-year-old solution.

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Why short-term funding creates long term costs

March 28th 2019 / Jemma C/ Links: Route Safety

With the battle of Brexit still dominating the headlines, one of the biggest revisions to local government funding is about to creep into action. Effective from the 2019/ 2020 financial year, the Government will withdraw its Revenue Support Grant for local authorities and instead replace it with greater business rates retention.

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Reviewing smart motorways part 3: Are there alternatives to smart motorways?

March 7th 2019 / Michelle C/ Links: Route Safety Ramp Metering MIDAS News / Commentary

So far in this series, we’ve considered the public sentiment towards smart motorways and their safety record. Now we consider the alternative solutions to the additional capacity we require. We need to address the huge and growing issue of congestion in this country by increasing capacity on the road network. Smart motorway schemes are far less costly than traditional motorway widening schemes so we may need to find a way to make them work.

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