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Creating a safer road infrastructure for the future

August 3rd 2017 / Shona W / Links: Road Safety Social Responsibility

Clearview Intelligence has long been an active supporter of Brake, the road safety charity, so we were delighted to learn that we are finalists in the Brake Fleet Safety Awards 2017 for the Innovation category. We believe that innovative, infrastructure-based technology solutions will make the necessary immediate incremental improvements to our road infrastructure, ensuring a continued positive impact on driver safety and education.

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Meet the team: Jeff Higgs, Senior Projects Engineer

July 6th 2017 / Michelle C / Links: Social Responsibility

In this article, our Senior Projects Engineer, Jeff Higgs, explains what's involved in his role and how he works to make our innovative installations a reality and introduce new technology into Clearview's established solutions.

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Changing driver behaviour: Improving road safety

November 24th 2016 / Shona W / Links: Road Safety Social Responsibility

For the last few years, Clearview Intelligence has supported Brake, the national road safety campaign charity, in their annual Road Safety Week. Brake founded Road Safety Week in 1997 to raise awareness about road safety and promote steps that everyone can take to help stop avoidable deaths and injuries. The over-arching issues addressed by Brake are firmly aligned with our own priorities – making journeys easy, efficient, and above all, safe.

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Keep your eyes (and attention!) on the road: the impact of distracted driving on road safety

June 16th 2016 / Shona W / Links: News / Commentary Road Safety Social Responsibility Transforming Behaviour

Brake, a national road safety charity, has renewed its call for a ban on the use of hands-free phones while driving. This follows the publication of new research by The University of Sussex, which found talking on a hands-free phone to be similarly distracting to talking on a hand-held phone while driving.

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Staying safe with National Road Safety Week

December 16th 2015 / / Links: Road Safety Cycling Social Responsibility

One of the highlights of the events calendar for us here at Clearview Traffic is National Road Safety Week, which is run every year by road safety campaign charity, Brake. Over the last three years, we have organised a wide range of activities aimed at engaging with local schools, college

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What use are all these industry bodies?

December 3rd 2015 / / Links: Social Responsibility

Our sector is littered with industry bodies. For the most part, their membership is made up of private companies involved in the supply chain. In the old days, they used to be about ensuring compliance and self-regulation. However, today their role has transformed, and many of these bodies provide vitally-important

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Going Green in vehicles isn’t about doing the right thing – its simple economics.

October 22nd 2015 / / Links: Social Responsibility

At a time when the media is turning yet again to the ‘diesel is evil’ view and the VW emissions scandal has hit the headlines, it seems pertinent to talk about what you can do to reduce your vehicle emissions. As an organisation, Clearview Traffic takes its impact on the

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The fun a Company Hug caused at Clearview Traffic Group

August 27th 2015 / / Links: Social Responsibility

At Clearview Traffic, we’re strong believers in striking the right work/life balance as a means to driving employee engagement, team working, and the resultant strong productivity it can yield. And as a leading provider of road safety solutions, traffic data solutions, intelligent transport systems and congestion monitoring solutions, it’s important

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Why road safety solutions are at the very heart of what we do.

November 20th 2014 / / Links: Road Safety Social Responsibility

Clearview Traffic Groupprides itself on the fact that our products help to prevent deaths and serious accidents on the roads. For instance, our product range includes our three times’ Highways Magazine Excellence Awards (HMEA) award winning Astucia SolarLite road studs,proven to reduce night-time roadaccidents by up to 70% in

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