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Transforming Behaviour

Dealing with dangerous roads – where to turn next?

December 6th 2018 / Andrew R / Links: Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

With potholes attracting an extra £100m funding to be spent by the end of March 2019, why are we having to fight for the extra £75m per year over the next five years to ‘make safe’ the most dangerous sections of the UK roads?

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Signalling the way forward for traffic controls

September 14th 2017 / Shona W / Links: Congestion Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

After the summer hiatus, the JCT Symposium always signals the start of the next round of events for us here at Clearview Intelligence. JCT takes place at the University of Warwick every September and offers a unique opportunity for traffic signal engineers to exchange knowledge, experience and good practice. This year, our multi-award winning intelligent road stud scheme on the Sheriffhall Roundabout near Edinburgh will be the focus of a presentation by Richard Llewellyn of the Transport Research Institute (TRI) at Edinburgh Napier University.

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How to get your road users out of a jam: reducing congestion around roadworks

June 8th 2017 / Marketing M / Links: Congestion Road Safety Data Management Journey Predictability Transforming Behaviour

Understanding when congestion is most likely to occur, and where, can help drivers plan accordingly, whether that means setting off early or taking an alternative route. If road operators can provide timely, accurate traffic information and projected journey times during roadworks, road users benefit from the information they need to evaluate alternative routes, let others know of their expected arrival time, and stay calm if they do get caught in a jam by knowing how long they will be held up.

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The UK’s most improved and dangerous roads report

December 1st 2016 / Marketing M / Links: Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

The Road Safety Foundation (RSF) have just released the latest list of Britain's most dangerous road, in a report named ‘Making Road Travel as Safe as Rail and Air. The road that, according to statistics, is considered the most dangerous, is the A285 between Chichester and Petworth, linking the A27 with the A272.

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The changing face of traffic lights with SCOOT and MOVA

November 17th 2016 / Michelle C / Links: Congestion Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

Traffic lights are a vital part of modern-day street furniture that allow us to safely navigate junctions. And while we’ve all complained about getting stuck at lights or lamented how traffic would flow better if the traffic lights were removed, we probably can appreciate how these systems allow us to drive more safely. What we probably don’t appreciate however is the amount of change traffic light technology is undergoing to make traffic flow more efficiently using techniques that include MOVA and SCOOT.

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Improving junction safety - unique requirements require unique solutions

October 20th 2016 / Andrew R / Links: Road Safety Transforming Behaviour

It continues to be an area of major concern to local authorities and national policy makers that 67 people are killed or seriously injured on UK roads every day. While there are many reasons why incidents occur, it stands to reason that finding trends on where they occur, and tackling these first will result in the greatest reduction to the figures.

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Keeping Road Traffic Moving: Past Initiatives and Thoughts On The Way Forward

October 6th 2016 / Michelle C / Links: Congestion News / Commentary Road Safety Data Management Parking Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Transforming Behaviour

Broadly speaking, government has three road transport priorities which have been constant for 20 years, namely: Safety; Climate Change; and Congestion. A fourth priority, Business and Technical Innovation, is rising up the agenda.

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Cycle rates at a standstill—how can we encourage people to cycle more?

July 21st 2016 / Michelle C / Links: Road Safety Cycling Transforming Behaviour

The publication of the Local Area Walking and Cycling Statistics last week showed a very slight fall in the number of adults cycling at least once a month in 2014/15. While the decrease is small at only 0.3% we wondered why the change wasn’t in the other direction given the well-publicised benefits to cycling?

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Brexit and Business Innovation Funding

July 7th 2016 / Shona W / Links: News / Commentary Transforming Behaviour

Clearview Intelligence is well established as a market innovator and we recognise the commercial importance of continuous investment in research and development (R&D). For a business to innovate in products, services and processes, it has to continuously reinvest in R&D. This is where EU funding schemes can add value by providing grants for businesses and facilitating cross-boundary collaboration between industry and academia, leading to shared knowledge, resources, and infrastructure, and improving overall economic prosperity.

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