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Clearview Traffic Group takes to the road this autumn

The Clearview Traffic team will be taking to the road this autumn delivering 3 UK Road Shows between 9th – 23rd October.

These events have proved extremely popular in the past, revealing new insights and topical debate around key industry issues and how professionals attending from across the traffic industry sector are dealing with them.

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The hot topic of “Smarter Travel” will be the main focus of this year’s events and explore sustainable methods of travel to achieve safer road networks, improved journey time to cut congestion and deliver better traffic information, and ultimately improving impact on the environment.

Our keynote speaker at each venue will be ex-Minister of Transport and Clearview Traffic’s Smart Cities Ambassador Dr Stephen Ladyman.

Dr Ladyman will explore what local authorities can do to influence decision-makers and encourage sustainable travel options as a viable choice, and discuss some of the pitfalls and challenges that often prevail.

This highly topical session will be entitled ‘Encouraging sustainable travel as a viable choice’.

With recent announcements on additional funding for local sustainable transport schemes building on the £2 billion the government is investing in a wide range of measures to drive forward sustainable transport, this will no doubt encourage some interesting and thought-provoking debate with Dr Stephen Ladyman’s session. (

Our insightful presentations will look at a series of topics including ‘Intelligent & socially responsible road marking in the 21st Century’, where we will explore the effectiveness of road marking options that exist today both on roads and cycles paths, and discuss why active road studs offer better social as well as financial return on investment, demonstrating the very real positive impact and reduction they can have on road casualties.

We shall look at how solar powered active road studs that are smart, safe and sustainable can have such an impact on night-time road safety, and provide guidance and reassurance to cyclists during the hours of darkness.

In addition, we shall discuss the use of intelligent active road studs to increase safety and dynamic lane marking guidance in both tunnels and on highways.

We will also debate ‘Smart decongestants for tackling the pain of blocked up roads’ and investigate the main causes of congestion and review the options available today to relieve pressure on the network whilst minimising road user frustration and keeping drivers informed of their journey options.

We shall focus on five key methods including: maintaining traffic signal junction efficiencies whilst also improving safety for cyclists, developments in smart highways applications for monitoring road capacities and incidents, whilst improving capacity and reducing congestion, providing both safety and journey time information to drivers and also how we can improve the management of driver information around parking choices.

In this age of austerity many of our customers are feeling the pressure of having to deliver more with less.

Maintaining an ITS network and ensuring the right people have access to the right information can be a time consuming task. ‘Enhancing accessibility to traffic intelligence to keep your network moving’ will focus on a number of methods, systems and models to help ensure this flow of information is accessible, accurate and reliable whilst also reducing the laborious and repetitive tasks – enabling more time to be spent analysing the data.

We will take a quick look at how we manage ITS networks and retrieve the data and some of the tools we can use to make this more efficient.

Once we have the data we then explore ways in which this data can be managed, analysed and shared to both users and systems enabling more people to benefit from the information it provides.

Making it easier for people to analyse and understand traffic data is a key goal, whilst demonstrations of future and existing techniques to turn data into information will also be covered.

This session will conclude by looking at DAAS – Data As A Service, and how this financial model could benefit you and your organisation by reducing costs, transfer of risk, and ensuring data quality.

The Road Shows will cover 3 locations on the following dates so click to register your attendance at:

Hampden Park, Glasgow – 9th October

Manchester City Football Club – 16th October

London Transport Museum, Covent Garden – 23rd October.

All events are free to attend and will run from 10.00am to 3.30pm, with refreshments and lunch provided, and delegates will also have the opportunity to partake in a 45-minute tour of these venues of distinction, and learn a little more about their history and heritage during the day.

Book early to avoid disappointment to secure your place to meet the team of industry experts, and learn more about Clearview Traffic’s product portfolio and what “Smarter Travel” means for you.

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