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Clearview Traffic highlights night-time safety at Cycle City Expo

At Clearview Traffic, our expertise in traffic data solutions, intelligent road studs and road safety solutions spans over five decades, giving us an industry-leading position.

This expertise also means that we’re constantly looking at new applications in different sectors for our innovative products – and at this year’s Cycle City Expo in Birmingham, we demonstrated how our SolarLite studs are being used to improve night-time safety for cyclists as well as encouraging greater uptake in cycling in South Ayrshire , Edinburgh and Dundee.

cycle safety at night time

Our innovative SolarLite product was well received at the Expo, and we used Cycle City to highlight some of the key benefits, including:

  • Visually unobtrusive within any environment, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or running power cables
  • Can be readily installed in a range of path or road surface types without impairing the user friendliness of the path surface
  • Cost effective solar-powered solution, with integral LED based light source minimising light pollution, often used in place of other lighting
  • Increases visibility of the way ahead up to 900 metres, enabling hazards to be visually identified without the need for additional signage
  • Environmentally smart, safe and sustainable solution, providing between 8-10 years’ operating life through all weather conditions
  • Increases cyclists’ and other users’ perception of safety.

Given the recent announcement that the Government intends to increase cycle usage on our roads tenfold in the next three decades, road safety for cyclists is going to become an important issue.

If you’d like to find out more about our road safety solutions, solar-powered road studs, intelligent road studs and traffic data solutions, please feel free to contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: May 2013

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