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Data as a Service (Daas) – reduce risk and increase customer service

Here at Clearview Traffic, we’re finding increased value and ROI for our customers using Data as a Service (DaaS) in 2014.

It’s a tailored solution designed to meet the strategic and service needs of our customers, DaaS can be as simple as supplying raw data on a monthly basis, through to complete network management and bespoke report delivery direct to the desktop.

Data as a Service

We blogged about DaaS in detail on our blog here last year.

When choosing DaaS, many users look at the direct financial savings that can be made from reduced capital payments and fixed term contracts.

In addition to these benefits, DaaS can also provide higher levels of service and reduce risk by tailoring the solution to meet the unique challenges of each organisation, saving investment on traffic data collection whilst maintaining service and performance.

Whilst Clearview Traffic’s equipment has a long standing history for durability and reliability, environmental wear and tear issues such as loop degradation and telecommunications network coverage challenges such as poor GPRS communications are unavoidable and can cause unforeseen disruption to data delivery and quality.

DaaS solutions enables customers to transfer the responsibility for ensuring data integrity and availability to a service provider, at the same time also transferring the risk and cost of maintaining the network ensuring quality data is always available.

Service Level Agreements are focussed on data availability, in line with an organisation’s need and often exceeding current availability.

As the leading provider of ITS systems for UK Road DBFOs (Design, Build, Finance, and Operate) clients, our support team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver high-availability networks and reliable data, offering:

  • Fixed term contracts and pricing that help to maximise budgets and financial planning
  • Additional services to meet changes in strategy or to assist with short-term requirements

One of the key aims of any DaaS solution is to deliver reliable and accurate information to users to provide key intelligence from which real decisions can be made, making DaaS one of the best traffic data solutions currently on the market.

Our DaaS solution provides a number of key features that benefit the information consumer, including:

  • Cloud based portal providing secure instant access, anytime, from anywhere
  • Bespoke reports that auto-update with the latest data offering real-time access to information
  • The provision of self-service reporting provides immediate access to controlled data for simple data requests, ensuring report writers can focus on the more complex requests for information and users can access data immediately

To find our more on how your organisation can reduce risk, save money and improve your service offering utilising DaaS, contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: April 2014

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