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Does Data As A Service (DAAS) have a place in the traffic management market?

At Clearview Traffic, we invest significant time and energy into researching the use of data in providing solutions to traffic management, road safety and traffic monitoring.

Data As A Service (DAAS) is a managed service Agreement, where the provider takes ownership of the collection, distribution and presentation of data in a cloud-based environment. The customer or client pays a subscription fee to access that data and any value-added services.

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DAAS becomes a viable option in the marketplace when one considers the following benefits delivered by DAAS solutions:

  • Avoidance of large upfront capital investment usually associated with the traditional system purchase model.
  • Easier to budget year-on-year, providing a best-value option.
  • Frees up capital expenditure for other projects.
  • Ease of data access means users can find the information they need without having extensive knowledge of the underlying data.
  • Improved data quality, with teams accessing and sharing the same data. This also means all reporting and analysing is from the same data set.
  • Ability to access value-added services on demand, such as weather, pollution, road works and road incident data.
  • Backed up by comprehensive service level Agreements, which also delivers expertise of provider knowledge, rather than utilising in-house knowledge.
  • Teams are free to focus energy on immersing themselves in the data and acting on the information provided, rather than managing data collection.
  • It presents a clear ROI argument when compared to managing the entire network yourselves.

At our recent UK roadshow events, we asked Local Authorities and road operators about their business model preferences – both now and in the future – whilst only 7% currently operated on a DAAS basis, 44% of respondents indicated a desire to move to a model such as DAAS or lease agreements in the future.

If you’d like to know more about how Data As A Service may work for you, feel free to contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: August 2013

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