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Does parking always have to be a chore?

These days, whether your destination is a transport hub like an airport, bus or train station, retail park, sports or leisure venue or even the office car park, more often than not the most stressful part of the journey is searching for a parking space.

You only want one parking space – so where is it and why is it so difficult?

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With the population continuing to grow, city living on the rise, and the amount of vehicles on our roads also on the increase, this problem is going to worsen. And it is well known that parking is already responsible for over 30% of all city congestion issues.

Over the last few months, we’ve delivered a number of parking projects all of which have a common aim: reducing the frustration and stress of car park users, enabling them to get to their destination with the minimum of anxiety or anger.

The following cases studies highlight how we helped to solve various parking issues through our expertise in  traffic flow monitoring, parking optimisation and congestion management:

National Grid, Warwick – Staff and visitors to the headquarters facility in Warwick had one common irritation; finding a space among the 1,500 in their network of car parks was nigh on impossible and was causing frustration, issues with productivity and concern for the company. Clearview Intelligence were commissioned to develop and deploy a bespoke solution to remove these problems. What we delivered was a mix of in-bay sensor technology for precise monitoring of availability in the visitor spaces as well as zonal and global car park capacity counting for the staff car parks. This included deployment of a number of VMS signs to direct car users quickly and effectively to zones with available spaces. Deploying this technology not only shows that the company cares about its employees, but also will have positive spin off benefits on productivity with people feeling more positive about their working environment, and no longer feeling under pressure from the moment they arrive at their desk because of trouble parking. The same is true for visitors.

Stansted Airport, Essex – we implemented bay monitoring to the 110 bays in their Express Set Down and Pick Up area just in front of the terminal building, to ensure fair use of the time limited passenger parking zone. With anywhere between 3,000 and 9,000 vehicles passing through this zone each day, it is critical that it operates smoothly so as not to become a source of congestion at this major transport hub. Airport parking staff use the system to help them spot vehicles in danger of overstaying so that they can advise the owners of the possibility of incurring a penalty charge. As a result of deploying this system, the airport has seen a downward trend both in vehicle overstays and a reduction in customer frustration and complaints.

Next High Wycombe – a brand new out of town fashion and homeware store with its own car park. Recognising that parking is the first and last touch point of a customer visit to the store, Next were keen to ensure that the shopping experience wasn’t tainted by a lousy parking experience. We installed individual bay monitoring sensors into each of the car park’s 158 parking spaces, which were split over two levels. In addition, we deployed a number of Variable Message Signs (VMS) to give explicit roadside advice on whether the car park is full or has spaces as well as specific guidance within the car park via a number of additional VMSs to guide customers to the nearest available Parent & Child or Disabled bays.

So parking solutions are not always evil, and they’re not always about enforcement, fines and delivering lucrative revenue streams for providers. That’s not the market we are interested in. We’re interested in one thing: making parking work.

If you have a parking project that you’d like our help with, then please get in touch with us.

Author: |Date Published: September 2015

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