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Engage your employees before they walk through the door

In the modern working world there is a lot of focus on employee engagement with companies making efforts to ensure that employees are able to enjoy their working environment. Companies recognise there is a clear correlation between the fact that the more enjoyable a work environment, the more productive the employee is.

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Companies have many options open to them to help in this cause, including improved work stations, canteens, keep fit classes and other benefits such as creches and flexible working hours. Many of these are now common practice within companies – especially the large corporates where having to manage large staff numbers is a profession in itself.

Which brings us to an aspect to the employee working experience that many companies seem to be missing, which could affect an employee’s working day from the very start. That of the journey to work and the ease of parking.

Getting a car parking space easily and quickly may seem to be a small matter but if a company can help their employees arrive at work relaxed, happy and on time then shouldn’t this be viewed as part of the overall working experience?

In most company car parks it’s usually first come first served to get a space, otherwise you have to hunt around for a space out on the neighbouring roads, wasting more fuel and causing often avoidable congestion and even road rage -over time this can become very wearing or frustrating to employees who have otherwise made every effort to be in on time and do a good job. And having a frustrated employee walking through the front door every day because they cannot park easily is exactly what companies should be trying to avoid.

So what can be done to improve the parking situation so employees can arrive on time, not get so frustrated and for them to get an indication that if they pop out during the day, what the chances are of them being able to park again later in the day?

Well, let’s be realistic enough to recognise that building more car parking spaces is not usually an option -although if you can then great. But maybe companies can be thinking about how to help their employees find spaces quicker and steer them in the right direction, especially if it’s a big car park with multiple entrances and areas to park in?

Clearview’s solution to this is to provide the site security or facilities management team with real time intelligence about the status of their car parks and to make this data visible to users via strategically placed Variable Message Signs at the entrances to the car parks.

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In this way, employees can quickly assess where they can best park, saving them time and frustration and allowing them to get on with their day with one less thing to worry about. In addition, the company can develop a much more detailed understanding of typical usage patterns, the peaks and troughs in use and can explore other options of managing their capacity such as extending flexible working arrangements, changing shift patterns or even encouraging remote working to ease the challenges on capacity at peak times.

This can also be adopted across visitor parking areas as well, allowing the reception or security teams to control who is parking, where they should park and to allocate availability throughout the day.

Getting people parked quickly, easily and with the least frustration is often a combination of knowledge of how many spaces are free, where they are located and having signage in place that can display real time information to help guide car users to the spaces.

Clearview have the expertise to help companies put this in place, with the end result of some very happy employees -who knows they may even start their working day earlier and with a smile on their faces!

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Author: |Date Published: February 2016

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