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Going Green in vehicles isn’t about doing the right thing – its simple economics.

At a time when the media is turning yet again to the ‘diesel is evil’ view and the VW emissions scandal has hit the headlines, it seems pertinent to talk about what you can do to reduce your vehicle emissions.


As an organisation, Clearview Traffic takes its impact on the environment very seriously.

Environmental sustainability is a key strand of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. And not just in the products and services we provide, the materials we use, the solar power technology we design to drive them or how we support you in their disposal at the end of their operational life.

But this goes deeper than just what a policy says.

It’s about challenging our thinking and our behaviour both as individuals and as a company. So when it came to renewing our Field Operations vehicles, the team were consulted about what they needed in their next vehicle and two key environmental criteria came to the fore: fuel consumption and CO2 emissions levels.

We agreed that all of our fleet vehicles had to deliver above 70mpg and below 100g/km CO2. And we now have a fleet of seven vehicles with another one on the way, all of them meeting these strict criteria, whilst still enabling our engineers to get the job done.

Not only does this keep road fund tax costs down, but with the ever swinging pendulum of oil prices, being as fuel efficient as possible is also key to us.

With our engineers driving over 350,000 miles a year between them, fuel is a key cost to the business and to our customers – so anything we can do to maximise fuel efficiency is absolutely essential to keeping those costs down.

It doesn’t stop there.

All of our company car drivers and those with car allowances are being actively encouraged to consider hybrid or low emissions vehicles where reasonably practicable when it comes time for them to change their vehicle. And it’s working.

In the last six months, we’ve already had three people, including the Managing Director, opting for the class-leading plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander with its astonishingly low emissions of just 44g/km.

And another two have just opted for a new plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Over the coming months, others will doubtless follow suit as the choice of hybrid vehicles expands to mean that they cater for all different levels of transport need.

Are you going green and plugging in? Get in touch here to find out more about our commitment to environmental sustainability through industry-leading road safety solutions, traffic data solutions, and traffic data collection solutions in the UK.

Author: |Date Published: October 2015


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