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Great start, now let's keep pushing our thinking forward

Here at Clearview Intelligence we were pleased to see the recent announcement by Highways England on how it intends to spend £150M on testing new technology across the strategic road network over the next five years, in their new Innovation Strategy.

Creating a connected corridor or 'wi-fi road' could see cars and infrastructure wirelessly connected, with drivers receiving news of advanced road closures or congestion warnings. The strategy also includes trialling radar technology on motorways and in tunnels to improve the way breakdowns are detected.

This is particularly interesting for us at Clearview because one of the areas recommended for this trial of new technology includes the Hindhead Tunnel.

Radar and acoustic technology will be considered to improve the way breakdowns are detected. The technology would continually monitor traffic and notify control centres within seconds of a vehicle becoming stationary.

We would encourage the new thinking to tie into the existing technology that includes Clearview Intelligence bi-directional studs that currently operate in the tunnel and help guide traffic when a contra flow is put in place. Combining the two solution ideas could prove very effective in putting in place quicker and safer traffic flows.

This combination of solutions, working together is definitely where the ITS industry is heading. We see it ourselves in the development of our Insight Data Management Platform. It now handles the management of traffic flow, journey time and parking space availability all within the one system - making combined decision making much simpler and quicker to put in effect.

We've also written blogs on the subject of encouraging innovation as we feel there has been a need to encourage this thinking in the ITS industry for a while now.

In one of our recent blogs we took a look at how we can balance the Government's austerity approach to investing in our road development. The blog focuses on the need to leverage common thinking across the disparate local authorities and we continue to encourage road planners and the like to look to your colleagues in other regions for inspiration and best practice ideas.

With this new investment this can only highlight and encourage a spread of greater knowledge across the country, which is a major step forward for the industry as a whole.

But is this the only opportunity to challenge the traditional specification led approach and to try out new innovative thinking?

We looked at this question in another blog about specification versus innovation and feel that this is still an area where we, as an industry should still take responsibility to move thinking forward. After all it is not only down to the Government or its agencies to push the innovation thinking into the ITS industry.

This new investment and ITS are all about levering the intelligence that combined systems can provide - and getting involved is vital to make the ideas useful and to make them count!

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