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How better parking guidance can lead to an improved retail experience for your customers in 2017

So, here we are, coming towards the end of the January sales, with yet another hectic Christmas shopping season successfully navigated….it wasn’t that painful—was it?! If you are one of the many retailers, or car park operators, responsible for shopping areas you will no doubt be taking a deep breath before planning ahead for the next peak trading period. Perhaps one of the issues that you would like to address is how you can ease the parking pain for customers and employees, and minimise congestion in and around your site? If so, then Clearview Intelligence can help to find a solution to suit you, your shoppers, and your workforce.

Parking problems cause avoidable frustrations for everyone

Research by The Transport Catapult indicates that, on 12% (4.3bn per annum) of journeys, drivers find parking a significant pain-point, and other recent research suggests that the average driver in the UK spends over 6.45 minutes searching for a parking space on each journey. Multiply that 6.45 minutes by each customer at peak times, and that adds up to an awful lot of time wasted by shoppers circling your car park to find a space when they could already be in the store spending money.

Add in the frustration caused by parking problems which means customers may not be in the best mood by the time they enter the store, and the potential delays caused to your staff who are caught up in car park jams making them late for their shifts, and that could result in a lot of unhappy people milling around the store or shopping centre.

Smart parking solutions to improve the shopping experience

Smart parking solutions can help you to simplify and improve management efficiencies and facilitate easier, more reliable journeys for shoppers and your workforce. Clearview have successfully deployed such solutions in retail environments, such as the installation of 158 bay occupancy sensors in the car park of the Next flagship store in High Wycombe.

We can offer a range of innovative solutions, incorporating Variable Message Signs located in and around the car park, to guide drivers to spaces quickly and efficiently. Providing this advance information to drivers means traffic flows can be managed and queues can be controlled and minimised.

As well as offering global in/out counts of vehicles using the car park, Clearview’s Insight® Parking platform can present the data needed to track dwell times, identify parking ‘hot-spots’, and monitor patterns of usage for dedicated spaces such as Parent & Child and Disabled Driver spaces.

The software will also provide real-time reports which can alert management of developing situations, such as vehicles overstaying time limits, formation of queues, or incorrect use of dedicated bays for certain user-groups.

If your vision for 2017 includes creating a better end-to-end shopping experience for your customers, then get in touch with us and see how we can help you to make your store or centre a shopping destination at which people enjoy arriving.

Author: Shona W |Date Published: January 2017

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