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How can a car park improve workspace productivity?

The Stoddart Review’s ‘Workplace Advantage’ report published in 2016 revealed how an effective workplace can improve business productivity by as much as 3.5% and that only half (53%) of employees believe that their working environment enables them to work productively.

The report asserts that few organisations place sufficient strategic importance on the physical working environment as a key driver of business performance. Further to this, it states that measuring the utilisation of space has been prioritised over the productivity of it, meaning that ‘design and occupancy strategies support density at the expense of performance and productivity’.

Perhaps surprisingly, given the media focus on home-based or remote working practices in recent years, the research team found that 91% of those surveyed still work solely from the office.

But where do commuters park when they arrive at work and how easy is it to locate an available space in the workplace car park? Most people are still confined to a standard eight-hour day contract, typically creating a high demand for spaces between 8-9am, and congestion as those same people attempt to exit the car park and join the arterial routes at 5pm.

Clearview Intelligence agrees that the purpose of the workplace is to enable employees to be as effective as they can be. However, the report does not mention the role of corporate car parks in facilitating an efficient and stress-free start to the day for employees.

We firmly believe that the employee’s working day starts before they even enter the workplace. Improving the performance and productivity of the workplace needs to start with optimising parking. In the absence of good public transport networks, the workplace car park must be well managed with dynamic real-time signage enabling an efficient flow of traffic around the car park zones.

Clearview helped a large corporate organisation, National Grid , achieve just this at its operational headquarters in Warwick. Operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week and catering for 2,800 employees and numerous visitors on a daily basis, parking at the site had become increasingly challenging in recent years as the business expanded. With nine parking zones and 1500 parking spaces, National Grid wanted to minimise the amount of time spent by its employees in trying to locate a parking space each morning, and to reduce congestion on and around the site.

Working closely with National Grid we designed a solution which allowed them to understand capacity, view available spaces at any given time, and share this information with employees as they enter the site. The system counts each vehicle entering or exiting the car parks areas and relays this data back in real-time to the central control software.

Clearview’s web based Insight Data Intelligence Platform Insight parking software uses an interactive map facility with a clear visual representation of each of the car park zones and the individually monitored bays to give a very simple tool for monitoring the status of the parking areas. This data is also relayed to Variable Message Signs placed around the site to direct drivers to spaces.

Additionally, wireless bay occupancy sensors in 147 visitor spaces allow security staff to check whether a specific bay is occupied or not, and be confident when directing a new visitor to a space.

The outcome is that employees no longer spend an average of 15 minutes each morning circulating the various parking zones looking for a space. Instead, they arrive at the workplace less stressed having been guided to the nearest available space, and with more time to spare to get settled and in the right frame of mind to begin the working day.

In addition to happier, calmer employees arriving at the workplace, the intelligence gathered from your car parks can provide valuable insight which enables employers (or FM managers) to optimise the use and further development of the car park. For example, understanding parking patterns, ‘hot spots’, and peak times, can influence flexible working practices where parking is in short supply.

If you’d like to talk to us to see how we can help you to improve productivity and performance in your workplace then contact us.

Author: Shona W |Date Published: March 2017

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