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How can we solve the smart city transport puzzle?

Smart City

On the face of it, this seems like a daunting question to answer; one of those questions that is so big on that you just don’t know where to start; the sort of question that would stump even the most experienced Heads of Transport or Transport Planning bodies.

But it needn’t be.

Earlier in the year, we got our Smart Cities Ambassador (an ex-Minister of Transport) Dr Stephen Ladyman to give his view – and he said the key was to break down the question and tackle it piece by piece, to make it smaller and more manageable.

We turned his advice into a series of eight blogs that formed a neat eight-step process towards intelligent mobility:

Part I – The Smart agenda and the role of technology

Part II – The elements of a Smart City and the need to focus on local priorities

Part III – Getting buy-in from citizens

Part IV – How to fund projects and new business models

Part V – Steps 1-3: Where are you now and where you want to be

Part VI – Steps 4-5: Building on what you have and involving the citizen

Part VII – Steps 6-7: Adding innovation and modelling for local advantage

Part VIII – Step 8: Promoting the benefits and driving culture change

This advice stacks up with the way we have seen many customers tackle this issue and the discussions we have been having over the last few months around traffic data collection, road congestion issues, urban planning, and related matters for the future.

Similar advice has since been advocated in many parts of the media, too.

It’s also what led us to build our own unique interactive smart cities app that just demonstrates how simple measures available can enable road networks to become safer and less congested, providing more predictable journey times, and help to minimise the impact of transport on the environment.

As an extension to this, we are now focusing on sustainable travel and the positive impact it can have on an area’s transport system.

To this end, Dr Ladyman will be joining us again as we travel around the country during October, to deliver a series of free-to-attend roadshow events, where he will be a keynote speaker at each venue.

Dr Ladyman will be talking about the challenges facing acceptance and widespread participation of sustainable travel options, and will consider what authorities can do to influence levels of participation.

If you’d like to know more about the roadshows and register to attend, please click here.

Author: |Date Published: September 2014


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