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How do we keep children near schools safe on the roads during Winter nights?

October 23rd

Schools are back, and now the nights are drawing in, many local authorities are naturally issuing reminders about keeping our children safe on the roads.

Road safety for children is always an emotive subject, and usually at this time of year reduced visibility of children in their (often) dark school uniforms makes the challenge of keeping children visible and safe even more difficult.

Many local authorities now impose parking bans or restrictions around school entrances, exits and crossing zones, to enable better visibility – but more is needed.

Education plays a significant role in helping to keep children safe, whether that is education via parents and family at home or by teachers at school: getting those all important safety messages engrained into a child?s behaviour is vital.

But with the recent changes to the primary curriculum that came into being in September 2014, not all of which have been received favourably, schools are under increasing pressure to focus on numeracy, literacy and science – to the detriment of other ?peripheral? subject areas that make us more rounded and more aware of our own environment, including road safety.

It?s key that for the small window of time they can devote to these areas, teachers have good access to really strong resources to drive home the key messages in an engaging and informative way.

And there are some great ones out there. Here?s just a few examples:

? Tales of the Road ? engaging interactive games, part of the Think! campaign

? Brake?s own road safety teaching resource guide for educators

? The Green Cross Code

? Brake?s listings for external road safety websites offering other resources

As a leading provider of road safety solutions, we work with local schools in our area every year to spread the ?Be Bright, Be Safe, Be Seen? message, often giving away hi-vis jackets and wristbands, or presenting road safety messages in school assemblies.

Just recently, we ran a poster campaign around parking outside of schools, and awarded a complete set of excellent Road Safety teaching resources from Roadwise Education for Nursery right through to Year 6 to the winning school (as well as creating banners for the school gates of the winning poster entry).

We also do a lot of work with Brake, including during their annual Road Safety Week, which is coming up again on 17-23 November.

The key message here is that it is not just one person?s responsibility to keep children safe – it is our collective responsibility, whether as a parent, a teacher, a road user, a local authority, or the government. We all play a part, and can do more.

If you?d like to find out more about our road safety solutions and ways in which we?re improving road safety for children in the UK, please get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: October 2014

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