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How does an LED prevent road fatalities in the UK?

At Clearview Traffic, we’ve noted that whilst the latest road casualty statistics have gladly shown a decrease in the number of people killed or seriously injured in road accidents, it’s only a very slight drop from 25,023 to 24,793 – less than 1%.

Simple measures such as enhancing the visibility of road layouts can make a difference.

road safety at night

According to the Department of Transport’s STATS19 database, the Top Four contributing factors in road traffic accidents are:

Poor driver reaction (sudden braking, loss of control, poor manoeuvres) 67%

Injudicious action (speeding, failure to observe/obey road markings) 27%

Road environment (inadequate road markings, road layout/topography) 14%

Affected vision (weather conditions, topography and road layout) 10%

The common element of all four factors is that each one has a clear link between poor awareness and poor layout.

If we can provide drivers with better information about changes in road layout through non-invasive, non-distractive measures such as better white lining and better road lane and layout delineation through the use of active LED-based road studs, there is compelling evidence from existing installations proving that night-time road accidents can be reduced by up to 72%.

This research is highlighted further in our White Paper ‘Five Ways to make night-time driving safer’.

A study by the Transport Research Laboratory highlighted that the impact of the presence of actively illuminated road studs resulted in:

  • Better lane discipline
  • Reduced likelihood of head-on collisions
  • Improved consistency of braking behaviour
  • Drivers feeling safer and more in control
  • No corresponding increase in speeding incidents

To shed more light on the advantages of our Astucia range of solar and mains-powered intelligent road studs, please visit our website or feel free to contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: August 2013

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