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How Smart Parking can streamline journeys and reduce congestion

At Clearview Traffic, we’ve been advocates of Smart Parking for some time, having seen the incredible benefits enjoyed in piloted urban schemes globally recently.

Smart Parking

What is Smart Parking?

Smart Parking incorporates the use of sensor technology, flexible payment systems, variable road message signs, smart navigation apps deployed on smartphones and other personal navigation devices to direct road users, making them aware of available parking options in an urban area.

This reduces time spent searching for parking spaces, as well as maximising revenue gained by parking operators, by increasing the usage and frequency of usage of available parking facilities.

Why is Smart Parking necessary?

This excellent article from the Telegraph highlights some of the current issues associated with urban parking. Other issues include:

  • Motorists looking to park are not as observant to road hazards, and are more likely to cause accidents – thus increasing the potential for congestion.
  • At peak times, a motorist can spend more than 20 minutes looking for a parking space, increasing emissions, wasting fuel, and clogging up roads for others trying to continue their onwards journeys.
  • Cars are parked, on average, for 95% of their working lives.

Current estimates from industry research indicate that at any one time, 30% of urban traffic is caused by motorists searching for a parking space. Proactively marrying up supply with demand for parking spaces through the deployment of smart parking solutions such as bay occupancy monitoring systems will significantly reduce congestion in our cities.

How are Clearview Traffic able to help?

As recently announced in the press, we see the optimisation of existing parking capacity usage as critical to tackling congestion and environmental pollution in many major towns and cities across the UK and are investing heavily to introduce a new range of flexible, smart, sustainable parking bay occupancy monitoring solutions to meet the demands of different applications in this arena, starting with the Golden River M300.

This large market is a key strand of our wider Future Cities vision of being able to supply technological solutions that tackle the transport issues faced today – but that also move our urban spaces towards becoming the Smart Cities of the future, through reducing congestion, enhancing road safety, and maximising effective use of the existing road network for future generations.

If you’d like to find out more about our traffic data solutions, traffic data collection and traffic management systems, please feel free to contact us here.

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