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How to deliver smarter traffic flow and ease congestion for road users

At Clearview Traffic, we’re leading the way with smart traffic management from SCOOT and MOVA, via our innovative M100 system.

Traffic flow

We’re all well aware of the problems that can affect loops, as well as the significant costs and disruptive impact of replacing loops – documented here and here.

We’re proud of our record of over 300 installations to date, showcasing our expertise in this area.

The M100 wireless vehicle detection system removes these issues, and can be integrated into any SCOOT, MOVA or SYSTEM D sites – as can the new M100BR radar bicycle detector system, that enables cyclists to be detected at traffic signal junctions.

As with so many of our industry-leading technologies, the devil is in the detail, and ensuring that installation and configuration for the M100 system is optimised is a major step in maximising its operational effectiveness – this is why we offer training to third-party installation teams on behalf of customers.

We’re also happy to install for customers, or to be involved in the design and commissioning stages.

To help our customers ensure that they maximise effectiveness of the system, we’ve also produced a simple FAQ document that helps explain the practical aspects of installing and setting up the system, based on years of established best practice in the field.

The M100 system provides Authorities and road operators with superior control of their traffic signals, leading to:

  • Smoother overall traffic flow
  • Prioritisation of road traffic
  • Reduction of road congestion
  • Reduced environmental impact (less pollution from moving traffic)
  • Reduction of vulnerable road users jumping traffic lights
  • Less road user frustration
  • Reduction in road accidents

If you’d like to find out more about our traffic management systems, please feel free to contact us here.

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