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How traffic data solutions can ease the cost of congestion in the UK

At Clearview Traffic, we’ve seen that congestion and the cost of congestion is one of the hottest topics of discussion and debate – both inside and outside our industry. And with good reason.

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Despite significant variations in the estimate at the cost of congestion to the British Economy, one simple fact is clear: congestion is a burden to us all in the UK.

The Eddington Transport Study has predicted that at the current rate, the cost of congestion to the UK will hit £22bn by the year 2025, whilst a report published last year by the CBI highlighted amongst companies interviewed, 95% of businesses see congestion as a key concern.

One of the favoured solutions to easing congestion in the UK centres upon improving existing infrastructure, rather than investing huge amounts in building a new transport infrastructure, as highlighted in a report published last year on British Social Attitudes towards Transport.

Interestingly, 59% of interviewees polled as a part of this report stated that they wanted reliable and consistent journey times above anything else.

Within the same poll, 66% said they valued improvements to the existing transport infrastructure rather than building new roads.

It’s here that the importance of accurate road traffic data becomes a key factor in improving our transport infrastructure and reducing the cost of congestion in the UK. The impact of traffic data solutions is critical.

We believe that it is only by using road traffic data that a true and full understanding of the problem of congestion can be ascertained – and then the cost of congestion can be effectively addressed.

For further background reading on the cost of congestion in the UK, these recently–released statistics from the Department for Transport also make for interesting reading.

If you’d like to find our more about our road safety solutions, traffic data solutions, traffic data collection and traffic management systems, please feel free to contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: June 2013

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