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How UK motorways are utilising Clearview Traffic’s smart technology to move traffic and save lives

‘Moving Traffic, Saving Lives’ has always been the strap-line for Clearview Traffic, whilst applying to the wide range of the Groups’ products and services it neatly sums up the fact that recently formal Highways Agency approval was gained for cost-effective vehicle detection for use with the Agency’s Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling system, more often known as simply MIDAS.

Clearview Traffic’s smart technology

First installed on the M25 motorway in 1997, in which Golden River technology originally played a part, the MIDAS system detects traffic flow and average speeds to automatically set either advisory and mandatory speed limits to match traffic volumes, warn of incidents ahead and therefore improving both motorway safety and capacity whist keeping traffic moving.

The MIDAS system has now evolved to form the heart of the ‘Smart Motorways’, previously known as ‘Managed Motorways’ or the ’Hard Shoulder Running’ concept that is now being rolled out across the network to further increase capacity on some of our more congested sections.

Our M100 wireless vehicle detection system, used in conjunction with our M150 interface card is a replacement for the traditional inductive loop that reduces costs associated with installation – especially as no tails have to be cut across all running lanes do to its wireless communications.

The M150 Interface card is specifically designed to be compatible with every type of MIDAS outstation in use on the network today.

The system’s versatility is further demonstrated by the fact that the sensors can be installed on the underside of some elevated sections of the motorway, negating the need to cut loops into bridge decks with their associated thinner wearing courses and risk to waterproof membranes.

The system has already been deployed on the M5 near Birmingham for over 12 months, where traditional inductive loops were not performing due to their excessive distance from the MIDAS outstation, the M100 system overcame these issues due to its wireless capability.

We continue to meet our ethos of ‘Moving Traffic, Saving Lives’, while providing reliable accurate and cost effective vehicle detection for MIDAS.

This application is just the latest in a growing number of innovative applications in which this product has been used.

Already deployed at over 800 junctions across the UK, the M100 has proven itself a market leading replacement for inductive loops in SCOOT and MOVA adaptive traffic signal control installations as well as ramp metering systems; and the flexibility and adaptability of the system continues to see it spread into new areas.

If you’d like to find out more about Clearview Traffic Group and our road safety and traffic data collection solutions, please feel free to get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: June 2014

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