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Increasing sales through the power of parking technology

The next time you go shopping you may notice that your parking activity is being monitored. But parking information systems do not have to just be about parking fee enforcement and ‘catching out’ shoppers.


Commercial retail operators, including retailers who own their own car parks, are increasingly turning to parking data to help gain greater insight into their shoppers overall experience.

They are doing this because they recognise the need to constantly explore new ways in which to increase utilisation of the venue or store. Any unique or new insight is open for consideration in the war to win over the hearts and wallets of consumers.

Operators and retailers know that increased utilisation leads to an increase of shopper time in-store, which means more purchases and greater profits.

They also recognise that shoppers who have a poor parking experience will extend that bad association to the whole experience, and this doesn’t need to happen too often before shoppers will start to avoid visiting the location just because they can’t park easily!

Alternatively, if they have a good parking experience and the shopper can find a space easily and quickly then the shopping experience becomes very much one of enjoyable convenience. Popping into the store when it suits the shopper -a crucial factor when competing against the online ‘open all hours’ options now available to all.

So taking a lead from the online world, car park operators are turning to technology to help provide a unique edge to the shopping experience. And this means helping shoppers to park in the quickest and most frustration free way possible.

So what information can be useful?


Clearview’s Insight parking solutions offers a range of options to suit specific needs, but includes real-time bay occupation monitoring, vehicle in/out counting and in combination with signage, guidance to empty spaces. It’s an all-encompassing parking bay and congestion monitoring tool.

This allows the operator to adjust quickly to developing situations, understand peak usage times, manage staffing levels accordingly, identify under-utilised spaces or areas and put in place more informative signage. Using traffic counter systems can make a huge difference to data capture.

The data can also help future planning of parking requirements for existing or new store openings.

The shoppers benefit from being guided to open spaces quickly and easily, with less time frustratingly spent looking for a space and more time in store purchasing goods. There can also be less congestion around the location, as any queuing into the car park is reduced.

Having an efficient parking solution may not be a very sexy part of a shopping day out, but it can easily influence if the experience is a good or bad one. Our parking solutions enhance the experience.

And for the car park operators and retailers, getting the shopper in their stores, in a good mood, will result in an increase sales and profits. It’s a win-win scenario for all involved.

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Author: |Date Published: January 2016

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