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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 – how was it for you?

Here at Clearview Traffic, we’re enjoying the feedback and networking from this year’s Intertraffic Amsterdam.

Intertraffic Amsterdam only comes around once every two years, but when it does it’s always a significant event in the calendar and one not to be missed.

Clearview at Intertraffic 2014

And judging by the attendance during this year’s four-day event, there’s room for optimism in the market – and a renewed sense that if you have the right traffic data and traffic data collection solutions, customers are out there.

Usually with these sorts of multi-day conferences, the attendance starts off slowly, with many people arriving on the first morning and making their way around the exhibition halls and seminar areas to acclimatise themselves to the layout and plan where they want to go.

This year was somewhat different: from 10.00am on day one as soon as the doors opened, people filled the halls and engaged in meaningful discussions about issues that were facing them, and seeking guidance as to how we could help with our industry-leading traffic data solutions, traffic data collection products and road safety solutions.

Overall, it was a great event, and we met 100’s of interesting new people, many of whom were facing similar challenges – and all of them able to be overcome with solutions that are available today.

Our simple and pragmatic approach to making cities smarter clearly stood out, and must have been a contender for the most-photographed stand.

Visitors to the stand were captivated by the simplicity of our interactive smart cities app, which enabled them to see the solutions we provide in the context of a modern city landscape. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Throughout the event, we received a lot of interest from potential customers across the globe with significant discussion around our:

  • M100 system – widely deployed across the UK as a cost-effective and wireless alternative for vehicle detection at traffic signals.
  • M100BR bicycle radar system – a new complementary component to the M100 system, that specifically enables cyclists to be identified at traffic signals.
  • M210 logging stud – our inexpensive alternative to loops and radar for permanent or temporary traffic counting.
  • M300 parking bay monitoring sensors – similar to other approaches, but with our uniquely powerful, modular and highly configurable smart parking software platform.
  • Insight – our new Cloud based, traffic data intelligence platform that provides unparalleled flexibility of data sharing and user customisable analysis and reporting.

So much interest, in fact, that we ran out of our Smart Cities Information Pack by lunchtime on the third day!
However, if you weren’t able to get a Pack at the event, or couldn’t attend, you can request a pack here.

Author: |Date Published: April 2014

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