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Is road safety really addressing the number of road fatalities in Britain in 2016?

As a leading provider of road safety solutions, Clearview monitor the annual release of road fatalities closely. This provides a yearly benchmark on how road safety issues are being managed.

And as we reviewed the latest set of road fatality statistics coming out last month, our position as one of the country's provider of road safety systems seems to be even more critical.

In 2014, there was a 4% increase in road deaths over 2013 with a new figure of 1,775 fatalities -- although different dates were used to measure the year-on-year statistics.

In 2015, the number of people killed on Britain's roads increased by 3%, an increase of 49 people from the previous year. Motoring traffic rose by 2.2% over the same period.

So, whilst different measurement dates were used, there's still an upward trend in the number of road fatalities.

Steve Gooding, Director of motoring research at the RAC Foundation, said: 'It's true that traffic is on the rise again, and that might partly explain why the downward trend in road deaths has plateaued in recent years. But the pressing question is how do we get back on track?'

We'd suggest that some people want to comment on the figures but we'd like to see some collaborative ideas on how to reduce the number of fatalities across the UK.

For example, how about looking again at proactive traffic management schemes -- such as this project.

The bigger question on road safety in the UK is to ask how we can put innovative new schemes into action more quickly.

Safety must come first, but surely we need to take into account regional differences and be mindful of the rise in traffic numbers across the whole country.

Some of our statistics around road safety and fatalities on British roads makes for interesting reading from a previous blog post -- check it out here.

So why not combine some thinking and focus on the efforts in critical areas of road safety -- such as single carriageways and A-roads.

Junctions, for example, are responsible for 35% of all serious injuries on A-roads.

Putting in place better markings, including intelligent road studs, has been proven to reduce accident numbers and save lives. Our priority is always preserving life here.

To find out more about how our road safety solutions are saving lives today, please get in touch.

Author: Andrew R |Date Published: March 2016

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