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It’s nearly Christmas so let’s get winter planning for our roads!

OK, so it’s only August, the sun is shining (well on occasions at least) and we are all focused on enjoying the summer holidays. But in the minds of retailers the length and breadth of the country the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. Only this week we have seen the first of the news stories about Christmas items appearing annoyingly early in the shops.

As hard and crazy as it may seem to wish away the summer and autumn months, perhaps it shouldn’t just be retailers who are casting their minds towards the winter time?

Road safety and ongoing highway maintenance is not something that waits for the right moment to be dealt with, and we know that sometimes a quick response to a developing situation is required. However, ongoing planning and anticipation of future requirements is a staple way of managing the flow of work, not to mention the budgets.

To this end we would encourage road safety managers and road operators to turn their thoughts, as hard as it may be, to the winter months ahead.

Making the road network ready and safe for the drawing in of the nights should be high on the agenda. But what can be done now to ensure roads are ready?

Obviously there is the ongoing maintenance of existing infrastructure to consider, but perhaps there are new safety ideas that can be considered now whilst there is time to evaluate and implement them, before early evening darkness becomes the norm again?

Can dangerous junctions be improved through the use of VMS warning signs highlighting speeding traffic to the potential emerging dangers ahead? Can road centres and edges benefit from enhanced delineation to alert drivers of oncoming hazards or changing road layout? Or indeed could schemes be put in place where a combination of solutions and products are used to make winter and night time driving easier and safer?

It may feel annoying to think about Christmas this early in the year but it could prove to be an inspired move if it means there are some great improvements to the local and national road network for the public to enjoy as an early gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Author: Andrew R |Date Published: August 2016

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