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London leads UK road traffic congestion figures

Congestion in London and indeed throughout the UK continues to get worse – but this should not come as any surprise.

Nor should it be a surprise that the 10 worst roads were all in London, nor the fact that the other most congested areas were commuter belt territory around other large cities in the UK.


The often-quoted figure of 30% of a city’s congestion at any one point in time being due to road users looking for a convenient, suitable parking space is just one of the reasons why cities continue to struggle with congestion.

But the reality is that the sheer volume of traffic is too great for the available infrastructure, due mainly to the way we manage it today.

Beat congestion by empowering traveller choice

Whilst regular commuters are largely creatures of habit, the only way to break that habit is by making the benefits and availability of alternative options explicit and convenient.

Even for infrequent or new visitors, many will stick with the most obvious routes or the route that their online journey planner or sat nav system has calculated for them – with or without the benefit of local traffic knowledge.

In reality, there are a variety of different tools out there to monitor our roads and supply the data required to drive this change and empower the traveller with choice.

Whether it is traffic flow analysis from vehicle counter/classifiers, wireless vehicle and bicycle detection for adaptive traffic signal control, parking bay occupancy monitoring systems using smart parking sensors, or latest journey time data shared via overhead gantry signs or through smartphone or sat nav apps, these systems exist today to influence and optimise traffic flow in real-time.

Pro-actively providing road users with accurate, up-to-date information about traffic flows, available parking spaces near their destination, journey times along certain routes, the different route and travel method and cost options available to them can all greatly help to ease congestion.

Sadly, many cities and large towns do not have a robust plan – coupled with the budget to adopt these and instead spend the majority of their time fire fighting today’s issues and potholes – rather than having the time and resources available to predict and prevent issues tomorrow.

If you’d like to find out more about Clearview Traffic Group and our Smart City solutions, please feel free to get in touch.

Author: |Date Published: May 2014

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