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Making better use of traffic data is key to more efficient journeys

At Clearview Traffic, we’re passionate about helping government agencies, local authorities, consultants and road operators to understand and realise the true value of traffic data in improving everyday journeys.

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Traffic data is vital in helping us to understand changes in driving behaviour and how drivers react to road, weather and traffic conditions as well as incidents or planned events that they may have encountered on their journeys.

It can also help to identify potential traffic problems before they occur using data gathered from counters as well as journey time monitoring.

This data allows us to see where the network may reach critical mass and enables us to minimise the impact of any hold ups or even prevent those delays by sharing this information via web, radio, VMS signs and even mobile apps.

Traffic data can also help us to make informed decisions providing you with good strong evidence on which to base your transport strategies.

This data can also be used to model and predict the impact of developments such as housing, retail or industrial parks, assisting you in evaluating whether roads can cope with the additional demand and helping you minimise congestion at peak times to keep traffic flowing in and out of our towns, cities and key strategic routes.

Yet whilst data is key to all of these areas, little of the data that is generated today is actively used.

As we enter the era of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, making better use of data and the application of machine learning and Big Data to deliver new insights is going to be key as can be seen by the amount of focus that the topic is getting at industry events that Clearview Traffic will be attending over the next couple of months:

The Smart & Sustainable Transport Conference in Holyrood focused on managing demand responsive transport in cities and the better use of data was an important strand to the discussion.

At the 9th ITS European Congress in Dublin, there are planned sessions about the use of vehicle data, UTMC, parking management and the role of effective traffic signal management in delivering sustainable city regions, as well as focus on cooperative systems and knowledge sharing to readily enable smarter travel and multi-modal journeys.

Throughout the various programme streams at Modelling World 2013, there is a common underlying theme about how we can be smarter in our use of existing data.

The 3rd Annual Cities, Transport & Data Conference entitled ‘Making Data Work: Cities & Transport’ asks the audience to wake up to the 21st century and realise that our cities are changing and therefore our approaches to data and service delivery need to change to exploit game changing uses of data.

At the Smart to Future Cities 2013 conference, the role of data in future cities and how technology is changing interaction is a core theme and our very own Future Cities Ambassador, Dr Stephen Ladyman will be speaking on a panel on intelligent transport systems and enabling multi-modal journeys in Smart Cities.

Through our Golden River brand, we offer a wide range of traffic data tools and solutions to ease the pain involved with planning and prioritisation of new schemes as well as optimising traffic flow and actively managing demand across the existing road network.

If you’d like to find out more about how our traffic data solutions can help you, please feel free to contact us here.

Author: |Date Published: June 2013

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