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Meet the team: Richard King, Senior Solutions Manager

1) What’s your career with Clearview Intelligence been like so far?

So far, it’s been a steep learning curve! Having worked in the transportation and parking industry for several years I was aware of Clearview Intelligence, but my understanding of what Clearview offered was quite limited. It’s been a real eye-opener to understand the range services we offer and projects we’ve delivered.

We offer a lot more than people assume. Yes, we do vehicle counting and classification and yes, we’ve delivered a wide range of road safety projects but bringing those together means Clearview can do a whole lot more. We can combine these factors to accurately monitor the impact of solutions, i.e. understanding whether a speed compliance solution achieves the desired reduction in speed.

2) What does a typical day in the office include?

Being relatively new to the business I’m spending a lot of time introducing myself and reengaging with customers. My role covers the south east. This is a manageable area size that allows me to spend time with customers to understand what issues they are facing. Only by getting to the heart of client issues will I be able to work with my technical colleagues to design the right solution for clients.

Having spent time with the product and project teams during my induction I’ve been delighted by the drive at Clearview to deliver the right solution for customers. It’s not about simply selling a product, but about understanding the whole problem and devising the best solution to solve it. That gives me a very good feeling about the company I’ve joined.

I’m also attending trade shows as the events season is ramping up now. We have a busy summer planned with a full list of events on our events page. Trade shows provide an opportunity for us to catch up with customers, see what the competition are up to, and form collaborations. Forming collaborations with others in the supply chain provides a good opportunity for us to get involved in different projects.

3) What’s the most rewarding element of your job?

The most rewarding part is seeing that we truly can address client’s issues and make a difference to people’s day-to-day lives. Clearview aim to get the right information to the right people at the right time to help them make better journeys.

My background is primarily in parking, but what Clearview offer has a much wider impact. Now, when I talk to people about where I work they are fascinated as the solutions we provide apply to almost everyone.

The other highly rewarding aspect is when you build up a relationship to a point where clients come to you simply to ask your opinion on a project—even if it’s not something Clearview can deliver. I’ve seen this with my colleagues in the solutions team and seen how they are brave enough to say no when we can’t help. Having the confidence to suggest a solution that isn’t our own is the right thing to do and inevitably builds trust with our clients.

4) What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The challenging part for me right now learning everything I can about our clients and solutions. This is always a challenge when you are new to a role, but my colleagues are helping me and filling in gaps as I go.

Prioritisation is hard too. This is where I rely on Head of Solutions, Andy Salotti. His knowledge and reputation is fantastic, and I value his guidance. Currently, I’m particularly focused on route safety in the south east where we see a real need. Our route safety solutions are relatively quick and cost-effective to deploy and make a big difference to road safety. For example, our queue detection system on the A77 Bellfield interchange that warns drivers when there is a queue on the exit slip road or when this queue extends to the main carriageway. Or the junction warning system on the A701 at Beattock. These systems can be installed and commissioned quickly and significantly reduce the risk of an accident happening.

5) What’s one thing you’ve learned in your time at Clearview Intelligence?

Before joining I hadn’t realised that Clearview were behind the Active Road Studs or how much of a difference they make to accident rates. There are quite a few installations around where I live so I’d seen them in action. For example, on the M40 and through the Hughenden Valley in Buckinghamshire. The Hughenden Valley road used to be terrible to drive at night, but the studs have made a huge difference. I can see where the road is going, where the twists and turns are and the undulations—I feel so much safer since the studs were installed. I didn’t know Cleaview delivered these or the amount of research and development that went and continues to go into these products.

I had thought these products were solely there to reduce KSI rates, but Clearview are increasingly looking to understand their impact on driver experience. It’s a lot less stressful for drivers when they can see the road ahead. Independent research into the impact of SolarLite Active Road Studs on the A1 has found a significant improvement in driver attitudes regarding driving the route at night with responses in an online survey showing that 78% of residents felt their confidence in driving along the route at night had improved or strongly improved since the installation.

6) What are you currently working towards?

I’m currently working on introducing myself, reengaging clients and making them aware of the full range of solutions we offer. I’ve got a few parking projects on the go as well. This is familiar territory for me having come from the parking industry. Clearview offer both bay detection and global count solutions for car parks. The global counts using inductive loops are particularly interesting as they provide a very cost-effective solution to car park management. It’s much less costly than an ANPR solution, but still very informative. By counting cars in and out of a car park in this way we can determine occupancy and usage patterns that will help car park managers better understand the use of their car park and guide drivers to the zones or car parks where there are still spaces. This is a great solution to be able to offer and I’m looking forward to progressing these projects.

Author: Michelle C |Date Published: June 2018

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