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NEW blog item – Meet the Team of Clearview Intelligence experts

We’ve got a new blog item to introduce this week at Clearview Intelligence – a Meet the Team slot, in which we let one of our expert employees talk about themselves, their role in the business, and how they help our clients.

This week, we’re handing over the Clearview Intelligence blog to James Turner, Head of Operations.


Q. What’s your career with Clearview Intelligence been like so far?
J. I joined the company in June 2004 as a Senior Project Engineer with responsibility for RF and Fibre networking requirements for large new contracts the company was winning at that time. My job was to implement and service these significant new contracts, as well as helping to bring in new business. Since then, my role in the business has evolved substantially.

Q. What’s your responsibility now within the business?
J. I’m now the Head of Operations at Clearview Intelligence, and have end-to-end knowledge in the client acquisition, servicing and support process we deliver. I have a dedicated team of 19 office and field based staff working with me, managing a number of large and varied maintenance contracts on a daily basis, with tasks ranging from spot checking performance, through to regular data analysis, responding to network issues and providing scheduled preventative maintenance. I’m also involved in planning, design, surveys, commissioning, installations, and managing subcontractors on a day-to-day basis. I’ve also just been awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Highway Engineers, which recognises my service in the industry. It is a great achievement and one I was really pleased to receive – and feel very honoured about.

Q. What’s the most rewarding element of your job?
J. When projects are running smoothly, and any issues are quickly dealt with. There’s an amazing level of communication and camaraderie within the team, and I also love getting involved in client meetings and reporting back traffic data. The feedback is extremely positive from our clients. Being a technical and engineering person, I enjoy all aspects of troubleshooting, too, as well as helping to re-negotiate contracts with clients. The sales process is an important part of my ongoing job here and understanding how our clients’ needs are changing, and collaborating with them to develop new solutions is an exciting and stretching aspect of the role.

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?
J. Balancing the needs of staff, clients and subcontractors can present unique challenges at times, but it’s a testimony to the team that we provide such a smooth service and manage to keep our cool.We have very demanding service levels to meet with many of our clients, because without access to their traffic data, they face significant penalties. For example, we’ve just completed an analysis of our performance across all of our DBFO clients for the last six-month period, and found that we have met an incredible 99.96% rate for data availability. And given the hard work that goes into maintaining these projects, a result like that is really satisfying.

Q. What are you looking forward to this year in your role?
J. Embracing new technology whilst continuing to support existing technology is always something I enjoy. Helping the team to grasp new systems, ensuring we maintain our knowledgebase, training and certification is equally important. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the volume and variety of tailored solutions that we do for our customers and this is something I find particularly rewarding. My main buzz though comes from keeping our systems and output efficient throughout the year so that I can maintain a happy client base.

Q. What do you think the future looks like for the industry?
J. I’ve been in the industry over 15 years now and just passed the 11-year anniversary of joining Clearview. When I look back, the industry has already seen significant change, most notably in terms of personnel and technology.

Fortunately, in this industry though, people do come and go to flex with the times – but many colleagues tend to stay within the industry so you can develop lasting relationships with them and that makes it enjoyable.

Technology, though, is definitely starting to change at a significantly quicker rate and I think the next ten years will see an unparalleled time of change, with more and more traffic on the roads and increasing calls for less invasive technology and new ways of working; we’re working harder than ever with our customers and partners to stay ahead of that change and bring out new solutions to meet these challenges and keep traffic moving.

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Author: |Date Published: July 2015

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