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New ROI Calculators to help justify road safety investment

Whenever a road traffic incident occurs there can be a terrible cost to society, not only in terms of human life but also on the economy and supporting infrastructure such as the emergency services. Understandably when it occurs there is a focus on ensuring it never happens again in the same place.

Here at Clearview we understand that with budgets being constantly squeezed it’s hard to justify spending money on new or innovative safety solutions, unless there is a compelling business case to back up the investment. So, we have developed two new Return on Investment (ROI) tools to help road safety teams spend their budgets wisely.

The ROI tools are free to use and will help road safety teams visualise and build the business case to justify the financial costs of deploying innovative solutions, that will help avoid incidents and save lives.

Our Active Road Stud ROI tool helps you to understand the costs involved in an installation of our SolarLite Road Studs, which based on accident rates before and after their use can result in up to 70% fewer accidents*.

Our Road Safety Scheme ROI tool allows for the consideration of a combination solution where multiple safety elements such as signs, vehicle speed monitoring and studs are installed. Try it here.

If you are a little stuck on how to fill in the inputs we’ve also created how-to videos, to talk you though both of our ROI tools and how to get the best out of them.

Watch the how-to video for the Active Road Stud ROI tool.

Watch the how-to video for the Road Safety Scheme ROI tool.

Our solutions experts are also here to help run through these ROI tools or any other information you might need. Just ring us on +44 (0)1869 362000 or email us to get in touch.

*SolarLite road studs have helped to reduce accident rates by over 70%. Ref: Based on a reduction in accidents over a 2-year period on A143 Haddiscoe, Norfolk and a reduction in accidents on A4226 Barry over a 3-year period.

Author: Marketing M |Date Published: November 2017

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