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New YouTube video highlights benefits of improved Insight platform from Clearview Traffic

We’re really pleased at Clearview Traffic, this week to announce that we’ve got a new YouTube video highlighting the main benefits of our updated Insight platform, including new functionality added by our development team.

You can view the new Insight video in full on our YouTube channel here:

Some of the main benefits of our improved Insight platform now include:

    • An integrated ITS management platform which provides device management, monitoring, traffic data collection, quality control, dashboards, reporting and data analysis – all in a single solution
    • Browser-based cloud application, which increases the accessibility and mobility for users – as well as 24/7 secure access from different devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Intuitive step-by-step wizards, which provide simple but powerful options to create data feeds and reporting templates – this enables users to quickly access the data they require.
  • Quality control mechanisms which highlight potential data issues – reducing time spent manually checking data and streamlining the operational time for users.
  • Integrated data collection, with real-time, scheduled and manual options from GSM and IP communications: providing flexibility for users.

We’re really pleased and proud of the updated and improved options on our innovative Insight platform, and we hope that you enjoy our new YouTube video highlighting this amazing tool.

To find out more about Clearview Traffic, please get in touch here.

Author: |Date Published: June 2015

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